happy birthday william shatner


flamingoAnita pointed out —

Today is William Shatner’s birthday so in honor of his birthday, my favorite Boston Legal clip. Yay!

Okay not really. I cannot find the damn clip from Finding Nimmo on YouTube. What is wrong with those YouTube people?

[It is great. Denny shoots a fish and the guide gets mad and makes him take a time out.]

Oh well you will just have to settle for Why I Like William Shatner. Go on. Go read it. You know you want to.


i am really fond of william shatner


where the art work comes from :
that is from ebilflinda

9 Responses to happy birthday william shatner

  1. Boston Legal Rocks! Viva Shatner!

  2. Hey to Bill!

    My favorite Boston Legal clip is when Denny gets arrested in the men’s room for solicitation. He opens his flip phone to make a call and it makes the Star Trek communicator chirp as the cops take him into custody. It’s so subtle yet SO funny!

  3. Dan


    Bill Shatner knows Esperanto and sign language?? I had no idea he was such a linguist. I love him even more!

  4. max

    Why are you sighing Miss Anita?

  5. He’s not supposed to be getting older.
    He’ll always be Captain Kirk to me.

  6. He’ll always be The Shat to me; world’s greatest living Canadian.

  7. Hey, that’s pretty funny, Woeful.

    I love that story, Max, but now I’m thinking after your most recent post that maybe William Shatner had been covertly bribing her with bananas…

  8. max

    Stil, you are back. Yay!

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