happy birthday seemaxrun


jean_c_i.pngIt is July 14th.

July 14th is SeeMaxRun’s birthday.

It is also Bastille Day.

[I am not sure Bastille Day is significant.]

SeeMaxRun is seven years old. That is startling to me.

Happy Birthday SeeMaxRun.

ps : i have been psycho busy do not feel neglected i have been so psycho busy i walked out on workshop chat early and wow it must be boring without me they got in all kinds of trouble the second i went out the door — anyway i will be back and more attentive soon


24 Responses to happy birthday seemaxrun

  1. Happy birthday SeeMaxRun.
    Of course Bastille Day is important. There are at least seven different fireworks displays in Paris on that evening and you know, there is a whole lot of kissing going on over there. Imagine how romantic. Kissing by the Seine under the canopy of fireworks (and the reflection of all that in the water).

  2. max

    Well it was big in Louisiana too and on its own it is significant but it is not significant in terms of seemaxrun’s inception they are unrelated.

    Say, you are not Ghost Kitty any more. You cashed in a life.

  3. Congrats to seemaxrun. Cup cake time.

  4. max

    And happy birthday to you. Gwenda Mas and SeeMaxRun Mas always coincided I am thinking festivities have begun.

  5. Happy Birthday! Happy Bastille Day!

  6. Happy birthday seemaxrun! This calls for chocolate and vodka.

  7. Kym

    Happy Bday SeeMaxRun and what a great site it is!

  8. Happy Birthday SeeMaxRun, it is a fine site indeed. It led me here and life on my couch hasn’t been the same since.

  9. max

    Thanks, everyone.

  10. one of the truly fine sites on the web. Max adams knows where the buttons are, and isn’t afraid to push them…

    i’m gonna be a critic when i grow up

    great place to visit…happy birthday SMR

  11. sulya

    I celebrate this day with oodles of joy and much relief that you were inspired to create SMR in the first place.

    (The sentiment is truer than true – the use of the word “oodles” might be in part inspired by the tequila…)

  12. Happy Belated B-Day-I’ll dedicate a diet coke to you tonight.

  13. max

    Cool. Diet Cokes are always appreciated.

  14. See Max Run could have not have picked a more excellent planetary placement. Happy Birthday!

  15. I’m having a Diet Coke for you right now. Only because I ran out of other stuff. And gee zus christ if this stuff don’t taste…oh never mind! Just awful!

  16. Oh it’d be fair to clue you in that I’m..well, a Diet Pepsi fan lol

  17. aj

    Happy Birthday SMR.

    Do not think I do not see you flaunting Diet Coke up there.

  18. max

    [snapping the top on a nice frosty delicious diet coke]

    [six more weeks and you too can imbibe aj]

  19. aj

    You cannot just dangle the carrot once, you have to flaunt it again in brackets.

    [Chats for you are going to be filled with tiny little chocolate and cheesecake voodoo pins from this point on]

  20. max

    [um, more chocolate and cheesecake voodoo pins than normal?]

  21. aj

    [ah huh – people will say, “is that Max or a pin cushion”]

  22. max

    [like they can even see me past your ginormous watermelon belly]

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