hand mirrors and iron angst


voyeurismI have to get a full length mirror.

You cannot work out for two and a half months, up the regime, and then just guess what the results are by doing a hand mirror scan.



where the art work comes from :
that is voyeurism / day 308 by sarah

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  1. sulya

    A good, kind, full length mirror is important.

    Rewards for good behaviour more so.

    Congrats on the steadfast training. I salute thee.

  2. Oh you so need a full length mirror.

    [I don’t have one either. I have a large mirror over the bathroom sink, and step real far away to get an almost full view. But it never gets the shoes, so then I lift my leg up into the air as well.]

  3. My God. I thought I was the only woman on the planet without a full length mirror. I need to get one too, for similar reasons.

  4. I have one… But only because it was on the wall when I moved in.

  5. Conundrum

    If only I had known sooner that you wanted one – I just gave away my full length mirror.

    The view was a disgusting reminder of not going to the gym and all the hair that used to grow on my head and migrated to places where I don’t want it.

    Maybe I mistakenly bought one of those wacky mirrors they use fun houses?

  6. I have two full length mirrors. Want one?

  7. I can’t believe people live without full length mirrors. How do you match up what you’re wearing?

  8. Wear a lot of black?

  9. {{{Chuckles}}} Good one!

  10. max

    Con, that mirror sounds mean.

    I went to a friend’s for dinner once and she had this full length mirror against a wall in the living room, it was sort of a design accessorry more than a mirror, but I looked in that mirror and I looked awful and I said, Holy hell, is it me or this mirror? And she gave the mirror a dark look and said, That mirror is responsible for me having plastic surgery.

    Some mirrors are like that.

  11. There is a full length mirror on the back of our bedroom door. It was there when we moved in, and the only reason it’s still there is because I don’t know how to attach it safely to the ceiling over our bed.

    Oh wait. I’ve missed the point of the post again, haven’t I?




  12. Sulya, where do you get a kind full-length mirror? That’s the kind I want.

  13. Haha well at least you can’t do that seventies thing and be unfashionable, Miss Belle ~~ although in the heat of the night (and day and high noon) who cares about trends?

  14. Exactly Stiletto.

    Mirrors on the ceiling,
    Pink champagne on ice,
    And she said, “We are all just prisoners here
    Of our own device.”

    What’s not to love about that in the heat of the morning/afternoon/evening/night/snacktime/teatime?

  15. sulya

    Pooks. I do not have said kind full-length mirror in my home at present. I have met a few though – had one in the house growing up. Didn’t help as much as it could have back then as self-loathing was thick like fog…

    Since then, I have come to believe that the key, in many cases, is to get one on a stand that pivots vertically and then cheat some [wink]. Also, do not skimp. Get a good mirror. Spend the money. They are not all created eqaul.

    I was going to write a short story about a woman and mirror once and did some research… It is interesting… Especially these “true” mirrors where you see yourself as others see you not “mirror image”.

    JanieBelle – that quote – I know it like the back of my hand but can’t place it for the life of me – where is it from?

  16. max

    That is Hotel California.

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  18. Yep. I’m feeling inspired now. Look out.


  19. I guess this is what happens when you mix mirrors and inspiration.


  20. max

    Wow. I feel all like a muse and stuff now.

  21. You are a muse, Max, and you’ve inspired me to eat this whole bar of Ritter Sport. Not sure how but I need to blame someone.

  22. max

    LOL — I do not know what Ritter Sport is.

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