halloween 2009 : part i











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  1. Andrew

    Awesome, Sailor Moon!

  2. max

    That first shot is me and Stil.

  3. So Stil decided to forgo the costume? :-)

  4. Woeful you are in so much trouble :)

    You should also see the shots I have of Max getting ready before we hit the streets.

  5. Sexy, but well north of slutty. You both look awesome!

  6. max

    Thank you Ginny smooch!

    Wow, Woe, way to live dangerously.

  7. Awesome photos, cutest Sailor Moon ever.

  8. max

    Thanks Kitty. Smooch!

  9. Way to have fun Max and Stil!

  10. Max you look great BTW! I just had to comment on Stil and only Stil for the full-effect, and Stil, I totally meant that as a compliment. My last girlfriend was a pro dom… No wait, there was the redhead after her, but you get what I’m saying… ;-)

  11. No offense taken, Woeful.
    Now drop and give me ten, bitch.

  12. Looks like quite a party…

  13. You know, the guy in the last pic sort of looks like the hottie from Burn Notice.

  14. max

    You think? I do not get that at all.

  15. max

    I do not think he was gay. I could be wrong.

  16. You could make a Halloween babe calender and make like a million dollars. Great pics.

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