gyllenhaal frenzy


I am so going to see this, Jake Gyllenhaal all heroic and barbaric and shirtless. Yay!




ps: there is a topic on this in the new forum come discuss :::prince of persia:::


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  1. OH MY GOD!!! I am so damn excited about this, I squee every time the commercial comes on. It’s taken me by surprise, quite frankly. I had no idea I felt that way about him, but whoo flippin’ hoo!

  2. max

    Oh yes. This is a must see.

  3. I’m going to OWN this. And watch it in a double bill with 300.

    Bonus points: I hear the man is actually adorable and sweet in real life.

  4. max

    I do not know if I can handle the concept of sweet adorable film stars. Doesn’t that threaten the space time continuum?

  5. He’s hot but couldn’t they find an Iranian actor to play the Prince of Persia?

    BTW, this is one video game I could never finish. Complicated as heck.

  6. max

    I do not think most Americans know Iranians are Persian — unless they are Turks which is a whole ‘nother story.

  7. We have a huge Iranian American community in the DC area. I’d say in this part of the country we do know but we have many overly educated folks in this area.

    There was a period around here when Iranians and other Middle Easterners were trying to pass themselves off as Italian. Our mutual friend LK was telling me about it. He called them faux guidos.

    Anyway, my father laughs when someone refers to themselves as “Persian.” He thinks, What are you? A cat? :)

  8. max

    That is a very real distinction though. In Iran, there are two groups, Persians and Turks. They are defining which group they belong to. That is as important to them as being Southern is in the Old South here. It is not their fault your father does not know the difference.

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