guns and broken window panes


paws upOne night —

I woke up with a gun in my face.

I do not possess the emotion fear waking up. Or much in the way of smarts. So my reaction was to slap the gun aside and snarl, Get that thing out of my face.

The cop pointing the gun was not too happy about that. He kept backing up so I could not smack his gun again. And he kept trying to shush me. Shh. Shhh. Which was not working.

A lot was not working for him that night. One was the surly teenage girl he had at gun point on her aunt’s couch. Another was, he was in the wrong house. But he did not know that yet.

My cousins being the hooligans they were had broken out a glass window pane in a door. So the police responding to some sort of crime in progress call and seeing a broken out door pain [at the wrong house good one guys] thought they were really in the right place. Till they drew down on a surly asleep girl on the couch who came up smacking guns and growling.

Kind of a bad night for officers of the law.

I give them points for not shooting me.


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  1. I think you earn the Hardcore Award for this one. I’d have soiled myself.

  2. max

    Miss Pants you have secret powers everyone else who tried to respond here got subverted by dark forces.

  3. You smacked away a cop’s gun?

    Definitely must have been half asleep or you are just completely f-ing insane!

  4. BTW, I hope the cat in the pic is not real…

  5. max

    The cat looks pretty real but I am sure they edited the gun in.

  6. Aren’t you the one with the Scottish Fold/gun pic?

  7. max

    [p.s. you know that policeman should not have been standing close enough for me to smack his gun, right? if i had been bad news and awake, i could have taken it away from him with him standing that close]

  8. I’ve never dated a cop but I hear that in general they are not too bright.

    Thanks for the pic. I’m going to post it on Scottish Fold forums and start some mayhem.

  9. max

    I am for mayhem.

    Remember to block.

  10. Oh no. I’m going to post a link to your post. Figure we’re in this together.

  11. Did you hear about that off-duty cop that shot his daughter? No joke, it was just a little while ago. She snuck out and then back in and boom boom.

    Guns are nasty. I hate them. A lot.

    Hey, if you were that cat in the Pic you’d totally whip that gunman’s butt…hey, Wolfie- Auntie Max wants to talk to youu….

  12. max

    Oops. I had better remember to block.

  13. Psst Max, Holy Water and no matter what that fuzzy demon tells you- he ain’t nobody’s friend.

  14. max

    I will distract him. There is a fire alarm in the building.

  15. Oh sure…be nice to him
    But you know, that’s a darn fine plan

  16. Guns are nasty. Shooting is fun but the consequences can be nasty.

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