griefSometimes I wonder if grief —

Can build up in your body till it smashes everything else down.

It seems funny an emotion could impact physicality that way.

Or not.

But every time I get real sick?

It comes on the heels of grief.



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  1. No doubt…the Mind and Soul and Body need each other to function…one suffers so does the rest.

    And I’m sorry Max if you were feeling grief there
    and it was bad enough to bring the house down- I hope you had someone to talk to- and I hope you weren’t alone in it.

    Anita Marie

  2. Here…there’s nothing like a good laugh to bring those three things I told you about together.


  3. grief, I find is the most destructive on the body. Especially, over death. I was around my brother when he passed and my body and mind did not agree on how to respond. Bodies don’t like it no matter what you think, know, believe. I am sorry you had to deal with grief, I hope you feel better.

  4. max

    [[[the shortage of dwarfs]]]

  5. Breaking a solemn vow to myself here but desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Sorry about the grief within you.

  6. What is going on with my Max? Tell Dr Stiletto – free of charge!

    Get more rest, have more Diet Cokes, kick your feet up and watch tv, maybe go treat yourself to a massage?

    Um, Pumpkin just kicked something off the chair and I think that was her message to you – she says “Meow meOw mEoW meoW.” Please feel better soon.

  7. I sent a comment earlier, Max, but the Comment Monster ate it.

    Just wanted you to know that I’m sorry for whatever pain you’re going through — whether physical or emotional or spiritual.

    Yeah, I know — I said I’d never post here again but what can I say?

    Some things are more important than one’s ego.

  8. max

    Thanks you. I feel like a giant hand picked me up and shook me hard. But this too shall pass.

    Hey scritch behind Pumpkin’s ears for me. That is one cute cat.

  9. She is a dogcat. That’s what you called her. I can’t get that word out of my hair. LK says she communicates and you say she is a Dogcat so she is a TALKING HYBRID.

    I will call her over since I know she’ll come here on command. And I’ll give her lots of scritches (that is a funny word by the way).

  10. Hmm, well that wasn’t so easy. She was grooming her ladyparts and she was probably annoyed I called her over.

  11. max


    Pumpkin: “Hey, I was busy here.”

  12. Well at leat she gave me a kiss.

    Oh yuck. Maybe I should have waited.

  13. max

    Kitty revenge is subtle. [LOL]

  14. Hell hath no fury like…kitty scorned!

  15. And is she spiteful! My nephew locked her out on the guest bedroom and when he went to pick his shirt off the floor the next morning he found a pile of turds on it.

  16. (He had left his shirt in the next room). Actually I was glad she did that because I had yelled at him to pick it up and he wouldn’t listen.

    He threatened to take one of Pumpkin’s lives away!

  17. max

    Jeesh it is a wonder he did not take one of your lives away what with all the pyrotechnics.

  18. My brother went through a pyrotechnic phase at the very same age. It’s either a guy thing or a family thing. Anyway he burnt one my mother’s Vietnam flags and she called the cops on him!

  19. Ok missy I am starting to nod off. One thing you West Coast people seem to have on your side is time. Always three hours behind from us.

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