grey's anatomy or why i am a bitter bitter girl






So yesterday i-Tunes told me there was a new Grey’s Anatomy download ready. Cool, I thought, and clicked away and presto, a download was happening.





It was going awful fast. But hey, I was all frisky happy thinking there was new Grey’s Anatomy action on the way —


There wasn’t.

It was some sort of music video masquerading as a new episode.

Disillusioned and betrayed I turned away.

But —

Grey’s was not done with me. Oh no. No sooner had I recovered from my initial Grey’s taunting and betrayal, i-Tunes told me there was another Grey’s episode for me to download. Cautious and disturbed, I clicked —

And this one was taking the right time to download so probably really was a whole new episode. Yay yay! I thought. A new Grey’s episode is really on the way.

Um. No.

This was not a real new episode. This was a faux new episode. One of those retrospective things that, instead of giving you fun new Grey’s action, just gives you a whole bunch of recycled scenes from previous [when they actually were new] episodes you have already seen, only someone [stupid Grey’s Anatomy people] thinks you will be fooled into thinking this really is a new episode.


I am not fooled.

And. At the end of the retrospective? Like a fun additional taunt?

The. Music. Video. They. Taunted. Me. With. In. The. First. Place.



ps : that is all i can say about the retrospective because someone in australia [aj!] will not get this retrospective for an age because she will not get grey’s on i-tunes but i am bitter, i tell you, bitter — i am a bitter bitter girl

pps : i cannot get this image to cooperate with text and fall in well either — yet another reason to lash out at grey’s

ppps : hey if you are grey’s anatomy people listen i put up with those barbaric and sadistic cliff hangers because i – seriously – do love the show but if you are going to play the vicious audience betrayal card, um, two words : twin peaks


9 Responses to grey’s anatomy or why i am a bitter bitter girl

  1. Aw Max, that is just wrong. I haven’t downloaded any episodes from iTunes, just songs. What a rip.

  2. max

    It was so wrong. Thank you for sharing my pain.

  3. Can you get your money back? Don’t forget to ask for damages, too.
    I say they owe you ten shows.

  4. Twin Peaks! That is so brutal. I agree though we were robbed.
    Look at Cinema- G’s avatar……is that you?

  5. max

    It would be really funny to demand recompense for a bad show.

    I am not Cinema G. Should I be?

  6. OH, no, you should stay you definetely! I call cinemagypsy, cinema- G and isn’t that a new avatar?

  7. max

    Oh, yes, she has a new avatar.

  8. Just like a man, huh, Max? Full of slippery promises…lol

    Yes, I like Cinema G’s new avatar.

  9. max

    That show staff is almost all women. And they are clearly meaner than men. Unless some network exec got uppity. I cannot really see that happening though.

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