grayson on maher




*let’s see how long this one stays up on youtube


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  1. Grayson is the only Democrat apparently who has balls. He almost restores my belief in politics.

    Except that there aren’t enough of him.

  2. max

    There are more. Kucinich. Franken. Weiner. Grijalva. Conyers. Even Boxer kicked a little the other night on Maddow calling Limbaugh a wuss — which is funny to hear from Boxer all ladylike in her pearls.

    If one good thing is coming out of this travesty, it is really clear right now through action who is on what side of the line that separates the people from the corporation take over of government in this country.

    Unfortunately, the president is very clearly on the wrong side of that line.

  3. Indeed.

    And, you are correct. There are a few good ones. The woman (I apologize for not remembering her name) who is a rep. from Ohio who was featured in Michael Moore’s latest film (which I recommend) is wonderful.

    What sinks my heart is the fact that the good ones do not have enough power to combat the corporate feudalism that is our government. They will be eliminated one way or another if they start to gain too much ground.

    I was stunned to learn recently of the attempt by corporate interests to affect an actual coup of our government in the 70’s by trying to get a general to lead the troops on Washington. He ended up refusing and going before Congress. Sorry for the lack of specifics–if I can find them again I’ll let you know. That was when the figured out that the coup had to be done a different way, and so they achieved the take-over covertly.

  4. max

    Kaptur. I haven’t seen Moore’s new film yet but you are for sure talking about Kaptur. She rocks. She stood up in front of congress, told them to screw off, went to a JP Morgan DC dinner just to ask the head of JP Morgan why he wasn’t writing new mortgage terms for her people getting thrown out of their homes into the street, harrassed him and JP Morgan reps on the phone to make them show, and when they still didn’t, told her people, When they show up to foreclose, tell them to screw off and show up in court because most of these mortgage bastards can’t produce a deed in court. Which is true, most of them can’t. And saved nine out of ten homes that went to court for foreclosure hearings just that way. If you can’t produce a deed, you can’t foreclose.

    Yes. She rocks.

  5. That sounds like her. If all our reps were like her–concerned about their constituents instead of their next election and donations…

    Why don’t they get it that if they truly work for their constituents they will get re-elected. Instead, they end up being corporate whores.

    Moore’s film is very good. I think it was a little less sensational than Sicko, which I enjoyed, too, but which seemed to be a bit hyped or “dramatic”.

    The worst part for me was during the previews, when they showed clips from an upcoming Disney film about animals and the sea. I almost balled right there in the theater, knowing that with climate change and the toxins that are building in the oceans much of the life they showed will be gone. That hurts me more than anything else.

  6. max

    Oh it is definitely her, Democrat, Ohio, fighter? That is Marcy Kaptur. I am unsure whether that is spelled with a y or an i. Hmm.

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