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coco & foxySo I was visiting Pooks’ blog

And she has this thing on her blog that says her blog is worth tens of thousands of dollars and there was this link you could hit that told you [according to whom and based on what I am not sure] how much your blog was worth and I hit it and it told me the Damn Blonde blog is worth $6,209.94.

Cool. Something to hock if this writing thing does not pan out. Then I thought, Hey, what does it have to say about Seemaxrun? You know, my beloved website that I built with my own little hands?

The blog evaluating estimator thingamajig told me Seemaxrun is worth zilch. Zero. Nada. Triple zeroes.


That is okay though. I asked it how much google is worth and it said zero for google too.


The blog evaluating estimator thingamajig : :::how much is your blog worth:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from claustral

8 Responses to google this

  1. When I checked a couple of months ago, my blog was worth $0.
    Humiliating. Felt like a cheap ho.
    I just checked again, $5,080.86. Must be all the juicy comments you left on there since the first time.

    Oh, you misunderstood the valuation of Seemaxrun. It’s priceless.

  2. Yep, it makes sense. Google and Seemaxrun are in a whole nuther universe!

  3. max

    Well, Google is, I am not sure about Seemaxrun.

    Kitty, get Pooks to post, her blog is worth $20,000 her posts will shoot that value right up.

  4. Yeah, Pooks, comment us so we can be big shots like you.

  5. Heck, mine is only worth $564.54.

    But it is new…

  6. Well, mine is worth $16,371.66

    Can I borrow against that at the bank?

    It gave me the result in an instant. How does it know?

    My website is also worth 0…maybe it only reads blogs.

  7. max

    Well it does not think much of google or amazon either you are in good company.

  8. Z

    My blog is worth nothing *pout*.

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