gone to get prizes


I am off to —

Utah to visit my university.

They are giving me an :::award::: Yay!

Back in April.

Don’t burn the house down while I am gone.


where the art work comes from :
that is from blizzard84

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  1. Ok,so can you rent me a room for a couple of days?
    I’ll remember to feed the ravens with pizza crust. Promised.

  2. Have a great time Max and congrats on the award.

    It’s so good the school is doing this, you are such an inspiring person.

  3. carpeviam

    Congrats! Very exciting and you’re so deserving.

  4. Congratulations, Max!

  5. Congrats Max!
    We’re waiting for the pics ;)

  6. Eddie

    Congratulations Max!

  7. max

    Thanks Eddie. It was a very cool ceremony.

  8. A little late on the blog but congratulations. Well deserved!

  9. max

    Thanks Miss. Smooch!

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