going red?


max_redThat is me.

I have been dragging though the freaking hard drive and every file looking for this because it is the one photo I have of me with red hair and Stiletto asked for it. And I flat out love Stil so will move heaven and earth to do that but also apparently I am supposed to still be red :

Your Hair Should Be Red

You are a passionate person… both in love and in life. You have many causes that are important to you. You can be very intense.

You are very fiery. You speak up, and you don’t mince words. You also have a very flamboyant personality. You love to show off.

You are both eccentric and expressive. You like to share your unique point of view.

You can become quite impassioned. So impassioned that you can seem a little overbearing.


:::what color hair should you have:::


where the art work comes from :
that was shot by darren westlund i will put up the full shot with wings if i can find it

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  1. It’s a pretty picture but what’s the Blonde Assassin with red hair? The Misnomer Assassin? Not so catchy.

    Which reminds me, time for a touchup for this redhead.

  2. The red looks good. I also like the quality of the headshot. There’s this attitude present, direct. Incidentally, Redheads have always had thing for me. I can’t explain it but it’s true… Not that I’m complaining ;-)

  3. Dan

    Very nice.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  4. Kym

    Max, tell Stil that she should see you with the hair color I always thought expressed you best–the one where the hair on the nape of your neck was peacock colored. I’m not much for not natural coloring but you looked right in it–like a rare and beautiful bird.

  5. That is a great pic. I love the red.

  6. You can always change the website name to Red-Headed Step Child…..

  7. Even more in love now :-)

  8. max

    Wow, Doug, I had no idea.

  9. Holy heavens. YOU.Look.STUNNING.

    I can’t wait to show my friends (LK in particular).

    W O W.

    I’m rooting for a redux.

  10. PS Show me the picture Kym is talking about!

  11. PS again. Celluloid Red has a nice ring to it…

  12. aj

    Your hair color should be red.

  13. max

    Wow everyone is hot for the red.

    There is no photo of what Kym is talking about she just remembers seeing it.

  14. You look lovely…but false redheads are tools of the devil. Trust me…I know.

  15. max

    Ooh la la. I might like being scary to you.

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  17. About you being fiery, eccentric and expressive:

    As I recall, you accused me of making you look like a monkey-girl on that shoot.

    Jeez, Max… hardly.

  18. max

    I have monkey issues.

    Hiya, Darren. Long time no type.

  19. Well, I kind of thought I was exiled to the doghouse, after giving due consideration to that terrible (false) monkey-girl slur hurled at my photographic prowess just as I was moving away to NYC and getting married and all. But it’s been ten years… is it safe to come out?

  20. max

    I do not remember ever telling you you made me look like a monkey girl. I said a couple other people did. You were in the doghouse for making fun of Dolph. But that was a long time ago.

  21. I don’t remember making fun of Dolph. Was Dolph a pet dolphin, or did you have an ill-advised fling with Dolph Lundgren?

    I vaguely recall making fun of the potential fortunes to be had from your cow-on-a-coffee-cup enterprise, but you’re right: that was a long time ago.

    Can we let it go? I come in peace.

  22. max

    Dolph was my beloved Elkhound. We can let it go. If you do not start up again. I never had a cow on coffee cups “enterprise.” [delicate cough]

  23. If I ever said anything that hurt your Elkhound’s feelings, I apologize. I really like dogs. (If you don’t believe me, see ) But I only met that dog of yours once–or twice, at the outside–and he would never give me the time of day. Didn’t Dolph spend most of his time smoking cigarettes while wearing Lou Reed sunglasses, or am I thinking of your other dog, Loke?

  24. max

    That was Dolph.

  25. I guess I’m still pissed at Dolph for the way he snubbed me.

  26. You really DID look good with red hair, though….

  27. max

    Thanks. I look okay with blonde hair too though.

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