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psyche_kissIt is almost —

Valentine’s Day and still no boyfriend [oh no!] so I had better get on task here. Fortunately for me there are quizzes to tell me just who and what I should be looking for in a man too. Yay!


You Should Date An Italian

You love for old fashioned romance, with an old fashioned guy. An Italian guy is the perfect candidate to be your prince charming. If your head doesn’t spin enough, just down another espresso with him. Invest in a motorcycle helmet — and some carb blocker for all that pasta!

[Hey I am not responsible for that grammar that is the quiz I suspect it was written by an Italian. Hey, wait a minute….]

:::which foreign guy should you date:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from siggito

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  1. The Quiz says I should date an Australian Guy-
    I married a Latino guy who was born and raised in Iowa.

  2. max

    Well the quiz cannot be wrong Anita. You just have to dump him.

  3. forkboy1965

    I’m guessing “old fashion” really means that he will expect you to cook all his meals, clean the house and do all the laundry.

    Doesn’t sound very romantic…..

    Hey…maybe you should go on one of those reality television shows?!

  4. I got an Italian too. I think I was lured by the espresso and pastries.

  5. max

    I am so sure this was written by an Italian. A Frenchman would have given that pastry and espresso to the French.

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