going international


sheetsYour International Spy Name is —

Anaconda Goldfinger

Your Code Name : The Pirate
You Reside in : Tokyo
Why You’re a Good Spy : You’re agile


:::what’s your international spy name:::


where i nabbed that spiffy quiz :
i nabbed that spiffy quiz at rain’s

0 Responses to going international

  1. There you go! Now write your own Bond movie!

  2. “Anaconda Deathbird.”

    I like yours better.

  3. Dan

    Agile, huh?

    Mine is:


    Your Code Name: The Bamboo
    You Reside in: Prague
    Why You’re a Good Spy: You’re a good lover

  4. max

    Ooh la la. I am going home with Dan.

  5. forkboy


    International spy name: Bud Typhoid

    Code name: The Pilot (I like that)

    Reside in: Berlin (my wife and I talked about moving there after the wall came down)

    I’m a good spy because I’m a good lover. Must be how I’m spread the ol typhoid.

  6. max

    I am going to get real suspicious here if all the guys’ reasons they are good spies is they are exceptional lovers. Ahem.

  7. Dan

    I think you should just go with it.

    (Did I mention I’m a Count, as well?)

  8. max

    Yes you did you smooth talker.

  9. Dan

    They say Prague is lovely this time of year…

  10. forkboy1965

    Berlin is better, so neh!

  11. max

    This is how WWII started right?

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