going for walks


There is this other game I play on Facebook. It is called Hatchery. You get eggs and warm them up till they hatch and these little monsters pop out of them. Then you have to keep throwing food at the little monsters and entertaining them until they grow up.

Some of the little monsters start out as just heads. So there they are, just these little heads with no legs and no feet.

One of the games you play with the little head monsters is “take for a walk.”

I do not know why but I take immense please from taking the little heads-with-no-feet-or-legs monsters for “a walk.”

“Ha ha little head monster we are going for a walk. Problem?”


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  1. Stiletto

    Time for a pet?

  2. max

    Naw. I could not torture a pet like this and torture is the fun part.

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