Going Banksy


So. Marketing. It is always interesting. And as funny and entertaining as the memes and billboard photos are, I can’t go out and get a damn billboard. I’m already freakishly out of pocket publishing the book just covering ISBNs, conversions, editing, cover work, art, you name it, I spent it. But. The book needs to get out there.

This is where Banksy comes in.

I love street art. I love the concept of going out and just stenciling up art all the hell over. And, while I don’t expect most people to be masters at glue, paint or stencils? I figure anyone can print an Avery label and slap that baby on the wall in a Starbucks restroom. Yay!

So —

Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

This is a PDF Template for guerrilla marketing stickers. All you need, to use this, is a box of Avery Labels #5164 [6 labels per sheet, 3 1/3″ by 4″ labels] and you can print 600 stickers and go all Banksy and slap those bad boy stickers on walls, tables, chairs, wherever, whenever.

The stickers do not have to be perfect. This is guerrilla stuff. Just as long as the title, url, and author name are in there, you are golden.

It would be funny as hell if these things started turning up all over the place from Canada to California to Paraguay.

Bonus Points: If you take a photo of yourself with the sticker and post it on the Facebook Page, you get total bonus points. [You can wear a ski mask.] And you go up on the interactive map that is going up soon here on site for sticker sightings. Or, if you spot a sticker? Take a photo of it and post it on the Facebook page. That totally works too. [Be sure and attach date spotted and location.]

Ready? Set? Go!

•Yes there will be prizes. Yay!
•There is no cut off date for Banksy frenzy.
•Extra points for creativity but hey, nobody do anything life threatening.


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  1. LantzR

    Link to pdf template broken Dec 9 2015.

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