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nun sexy hallow’s eve costumeTwice in one week —

Women friends thought it would be cute or somehow amusing to announce publicly they are my lesbian lovers.


In one week.

I do not know why I am supposed to be the public stand in for sexual experimentation or humor any time a straight girl decides she wants to announce she is a lesbian. But somehow I am it.




There is a problem with this for me. I am straight. And single. AND WANT TO DATE FUCKING MEN. Which is a little difficult when every man in Hollywood is convinced I am a lesbian because every married chick I know who wants to play with her sexual image grabs me and yells, Look here is my lesbo lover.

For fuck’s sake go pick on a real lesbian. I want to have sex again this century.


*ironically lesbian friends never do this to me ever


where that sassy habit came from :
doy, where else, janiebelle

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  1. Sarah

    So I should return that strap-on I bought us then, eh? :-p

  2. Sarah

    Also, please note that the smiley up there is not supposed to be a leering cunnilingus innuendo. I actually stick my tongue out like that when I’m snarking.

    And also– I hear you on the sex/century. Two years unfucked. The humanity!

  3. I dedicate this Swedish tune for you then and your pseudo-lesbian pals (stick to the chorus):

  4. aj

    I can only laugh.

  5. max

    I am so calling you names you cannot hear.

  6. aj

    You are not. You are sitting there thinking, she is right, this is funny, but I’ll be fucked if I’m going to laugh at it.

  7. max

    Am not.


  8. I didn’t laugh until AJ piped in. I swear.

  9. I just grinned at first as I find Max angst…
    okay, hell, I laughed.
    Aj’s taunting just made me laugh harder.

  10. max

    Yes. All the married girls think it is hilarious.


  11. That’s enough about you, let’s talk about that nun…

  12. Sarah

    Yeah, what religion is she?

  13. max

    I keep saying I am going to do that for Halloween one of these days but that outfit takes a lot of crunches to pull off.

  14. aj

    As per usual, Kitty blames her laughter on me, again placing pressure on my delicate flower image.

  15. max

    Just do not be charring any zen garden rakes Miss Delicate Flower.

  16. I knew this post would find its way out of the closet.

  17. max

    Blogging is better than therapy. [wink]

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