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Go see this. It is a documentary film playing at Hollywood Arclight August 22-28th and New York’s Village East Cinema August 8-14th. My buddy Kurt made it and it rocks and I am not just saying that because Kurt looks good naked.



*just kidding about the naked thing i have never seen kurt naked but i am serious about you seeing this documentary film it is special go see it

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  1. Can’t see it up here- but I’ve passed the clip around.

  2. max

    Thanks, Anita. I am pretty sure it will be airing on msn after theatrical release.

  3. This is one of the reasons I miss living in NYC.

    But I will rec it to my friends there.

  4. Smartassed comments elude me . . .

  5. max

    Holy Cats! I am so marking my calendar.


    [ps : thanks, Michele]

  6. This is amazing. Is Kurt a Nicholl Fellow? Name sounds familiar…

    Am passing the info on.

  7. max

    Yes he is. He won the year after you.

  8. I googled him and after seven pages still hadn’t found a Nicholl reference. OTOH, I could have gone to the Academy site.

  9. max

    It would have gone faster if you had googled “kurt kuenne nicholl.” [wink]

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