go saints!



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  1. Did you see the howling “Whoooooo” Dat dog video?

  2. max

    Yes! The Who Dat dog so rocks! Yay!

    [I should put the Who Dat cheer leading dog up here too.]

  3. They’d go great together.

  4. max

    I just put it up. Yay!

    I think people forget I lived in Louisiana.

  5. carpeviam

    I from Baton Rouge. So, in honor of the Saints, I’m making crawfish pie for the Superbowl. Can’t wait for Fat Tuesday! ;)

  6. carpeviam

    I=I’m. Shit.

  7. who will win saints , i know my money is on the saints going watch it live

  8. carpeviam

    Geaux Saints!

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