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glock thisI was reading Stilletto’s page.

She is talking about buying guns. And is sort of worried about automatics jamming.

Okay. Here is the thing. All automatics jam. But. You just slam that gun handle down on the nearest hard surface, jam fixed, and keep firing — usually.

A bad jam? Release the cartridge, slam it back home. That is three seconds. The end.

A thousand rounds down, you get real good at this.

And of course there is the other answer. A smart man once told me, The back up for a gun gone wrong? Is another gun.

Glocks are good for women because the trigger pressure is light. If you have to pull against trigger pressure so hard it throws your aim off, you will not hit your target. One thing should be moving when you pull a trigger. The finger pulling the trigger. That is it. If more things are moving, well you have a problem.

Most guns have a high pressure on the trigger. They are built for guys. Humans with big hands, and strong hand muscles. [And I am totally going to be delicate here and not point out why those hand muscles are developed.] But. Glocks are light. You can pull and not throw off your aim if you have computer wrists and small hands. [Translation : If you are me or Stilletto.]

You can adjust other guns. But, trigger pressure is the reason most cops will tell a woman to get a Glock. It is already there. And you can pull that trigger without throwing off your aim.

Glocks have one safety. That safety is in your head. No button you have to pull or click or punch or shift or turn — the gun is on. The gun is always on. The safety, i.e. whether or not to pull the trigger or not, is in your head.

I like that. One, because safeties are not fail safes. Guns with safeties on have fired. So it is stupid to trust a safety. They do not always work. And, putting the safety in your head? To me that is the right safety. I mean, why would you fire a gun if you did not mean it? Something stopping you from pulling that trigger when you have full intent is stupid to me. And, not knowing it is entirely up to you and you better be right, that too is stupid to me. The safety should always be in your head. Not in the gun.

I have a buddy in Texas whose life was saved by another kind of safety. Jimmy Lee. I totally love Jimmy Lee but he is was and always will be a total rake. Jimmy Lee – I will save that story for another time.

I have two buddies who seriously hate Glocks. One is an Army Ranger. The other is Singer Guy. I never got exactly the story on why Singer Guy hates Glocks. He just seriously does. The Army Ranger says Glocks kill their owners. He might be right. He spent enough hours in a trench shooting at people who were shooting back trying to kill him to know something about guns. He also lost a good friend on a trip to I-Hop thanks to a Glock. [Has anybody ever figured out the term friendly fire? I have not.] He thinks they fire without warning and with intent. He thinks they are possessed. Me? I take his warning under advisement. I think I have to have a gun I can aim. And, when you get a Glock? Make sure you get one with night sites, keep a flashlight under your bed, work on shooting with one hand both right and left, and also, get the extra cartridge magazine and always triple tap.


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  1. Excellent, Max. I’m actually going to do more research on Glocks because of what you wrote. You’ve inspired me!

    Killed on the way to IHOP? That just blows.

  2. I am so glad I’m Canadian.
    Nobody carries guns here and somehow we manage to avoid getting robbed/murdered/raped at a much lower percentage then the gun toting countries.

    Americans and their guns… if only you guys fought as hard for your right to a decent education and a secular government, as you did for your right to blast each other with high speed projectiles.

  3. max

    I do not want to blast someone with a high speed projectile. I just know how.

  4. Eddie


  5. max

    Wow the time date stamp on this just decided to go its own way. I did not even know this was up yet and there it is racing into the past.

  6. “Americans and their guns… if only you guys fought as hard for your right to a decent education and a secular government, as you did for your right to blast each other with high speed projectiles.”

    Ok, even if we have serious flaws with our system, I still get all patriotic…I’m going to have to kick AJ’s ass if he says anymore lol

    Actually, Bush and Dick are in office so he gets a pass…

  7. max

    I cannot defend the current U.S. government. Or the gun violence. They are problematic.

  8. Eddie

    I cannot defend the current U.S. government. Or the gun violence. They are problematic.

    But giving up the right to have either would be silly. While the gun issue is nuanced, I’d rather error on the side of freedom. I have a serious problem even thinking about giving up/or having someone take away my right to bear arms. It would make it so much easier to take away all the other rights.


    I’m not a crazy, gun-toting mountain man — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  9. max

    The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

    — Thomas Jefferson

  10. max

    [that is not really working out right now the government is just tyranosaurusing the people left and right at the moment but the original concept was a solid concept]

  11. Guns will not save you from government oppression. A bright, committed, informed and connected populace will. A nation of well armed..but apathetic, intolerant, anti literate, pop culture junkies will be abused and manipulated by the elite until the son burns out.

    etting your people to care and question there place in the world, sacrafice and invest in there own ethical development, and be critical of the values and lessons inoculated by past generation, is how you defend against tyranny.

    The right to Bear arms is fools gold kind of freedom to pacify the pick up truck crowd…a .45 caliber gilded cage.

  12. max

    “etting your people to care and question there place in the world, sacrafice and invest in there own ethical development, and be critical of the values and lessons inoculated by past generation, is how you defend against tyranny.”

    Oh sheesh, always with the quick fix band aid solutions.

  13. And I want to be clear…I love America. I love it’s history, it’s thinkers, it’s spirit and vitality. It just saddens me to see it degrade from the most dynamic force in human history…to this bloated thoughtless creature blinded by dogma and avarice.

  14. max

    Unfortunately, America’s thinkers tend to get shot.


  15. In Australia we banned automatic weapons.

    Turns out you don’t need a machine gun to hunt rabbits, or shoot ducks.

    We banned automatic weapons after Martin Bryant shot 35 people in the face with one, one dark April Sunday afternoon in 1996, down in Port Arthur, Tasmania.

    Bang, bang, bang; as fast as he could pull the trigger, someone’s face exploded. That’s how automatic weapons work, in cafes.

    There was a little girl from my hometown in that cafe that Sunday afternoon. Her name is on the cross in the memorial garden.

    We lead the world in the greatest number of people killed in a killing rampage, and it’s all because of Martin Bryant.

    We have a strong suspicion that he’s a bit crazy.

    We had this other killing rampage guy who tried to kill everyone in an office building in Queen Street, Melbourne, back before the ban. He wasn’t crazy or anything, he was just annoyed. He’d passed his gun licence test and everything; he only got one question wrong: ‘Should you ever take a loaded rifle indoors?’ He answered ‘yes’. The correct answer is ‘no’, in case you’re playing along at home.

    But he didn’t get to kill everyone in the office building, because his gun jammed. Then someone grabbed him and threw him through a plate glass window from the tenth storey, onto the street below. I can show you where he landed, next time you’re in town.

    We don’t have a constitutional amendment that insists we own guns. We became an independent nation by an act of parliament, not by a war, so we don’t have to carry weapons to defend ourselves against the British anymore.

    Hopefully the day won’t come when we have to carry weapons to protect ourselves against Australians.

    I think I’d rather be shot in the face.

  16. max

    Gull, that was flat out eloquent.

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  18. We have the right to bear arms. That has no bearing on weather I am at the end of my rope. Angry to the point of destruction, lonley to the fucking pits of hell and back. When you want to kill becasue you need a do over, just fuck all this and everyone and start over because it should have gone the way I planned. My efforts, to make this illusion of a life that matches the ones that seems so eforttlessly dancing around me. that is the shit that kills and it could hop on a buss and take it over the cliff with no gun involved. The American dream and the gloss of wealth, celebrity, power, our women, torments the egos of man. My simple life terrifies people near me who need to be, have or at least believe they are that dream.

  19. if someone breaks in your room at night, eloquence, intellect, and reason are useless.

    only two disagreements here. never pull…squeeze…if it surprises you when it kicks you’ll hit what you aimed at.

    in the above scenario? Don’t triple tap. Keep squeezing till you here click click click. you’re small, blonde and female. The jury will acquit

  20. max

    You still have to use intellect. You have to know if there are other people or pets in the vicinity, and be at least able to guess approximately where they are. You should know in advance which directions are safest to shoot in. And anyone who sleeps with a gun by the bed better sleep with a working flashlight by the bed and be able to shoot a gun while holding that flashlight on what they are shooting at.

  21. this is true. I haven’t owned a gun in over 20 years. I thought the glock had a squeeze safety in the butt?

  22. max

    No safety. There is a catch in the trigger pressure, it is very light. A reminder you are about to discharge the gun. That is all.

  23. max

    [no one should depend on safeties anyway, they do not always work guns can fire with safeties on]

  24. i liked the .45 It was a lot of work, but the recoil was manageable if you didn’t have to pop off a dozen at once. Well, Max, when in need, hit what you aim at. I meet very few people i read. That was me being selfish

  25. the 45 was notorious for it. If you dropped it with the safety on it could go off. It would knock a buick sized hole in someone though, and thats comforting when you need something to act like you hit it.

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