giving up the shoes


tasteA long long time ago —

In a galaxy far far away —

Jerry Seinfeld jeans and white sneakers were cool.

Now they aren’t.


It is still really hard to throw away these sneakers. They were my lucky Hollywood sneakers.


where the art work comes from :
that is from grazie|davvero

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  1. I will have to google Jerry Seinfeld jeans.

    Keep the shoes. Why mess with a good thing.

  2. max

    Oh all you have to do is do a google images search for Jerry Seinfeld and there will be pictures of him in his jeans and white sneakers.

    I caved today, I have them in a bag to take out to the trash but couldn’t do it so put them back in the closet and took out the rest of the trash instead.

  3. White sneakers are out now?

  4. max

    It is a look that is becoming outdated.

  5. forkboy1965

    I think my trainers were once white…’s hard to remember.

  6. so what has taken the place of the white sneakers?

  7. max

    Casual sneakers or boots.

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