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It has —

Gotten kind of schizophrenic around here between the personal stuff and the writing stuff so I finally kicked AFW out the door. Now CelluloidBlonde gets to be my own personal blog and doesn’t have to play double duty with the AFW stuff and AFW has its own spanky new blog where I can just post stuff about writing and classes. Yay!

Go see it. It is pretty new and prob still needs a few kinds worked out but I like it:

:::AFW BLOG:::

Also if you are crazy strapped for time and do the feed thing there is a feed:

:::AFW FEED:::


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  1. max

    LOL — it was just getting crazy meshing the class stuff with the me stuff, and then having to worry about posting pretty shoes on the tumblr blog because, hello, not very film related. Or politics stuff jammed in with class stuff. Plus, it’s kind of weird to keep sending people to CB to find out about what is happening on AFW — that did not make sense. AFW needed its own on site blog. And people who want writing and class news only can go there, and people who want me news can hang out here — and there’s a feed here now too at the bottom of the page so people can see the AFW updates at the bottom of this page if they want. I think it should all work. [famous last words]

  2. okay I feel like an idiot but what is AFW? Used to belong to AFI -no really I’m that much of an old movie/silent wackko- but have no idea about AFW.
    Beenn too long since I’ve read your blog Max.
    Bad Miss R

    Googled: American Freelance Writers? All Freelance Writing?… Any Fucking Writer?

  3. max

    AFW: “Academy of Film Writing.” I was teaching all the max classes through the seemaxrun forum but it was getting out of control so first the classes moved to their own website and now the class site has its own blog:

    Say are you blogging regularly again? You kind of abandoned that for a while.

  4. Got it! Don’t blame you for separating the two. Yikes. Sounds like a logistical nightmare.
    And yes, I’ve started writing (and reading other people’s interesting blogs) again.

  5. max

    Very cool you are back in the blogosphere. Yay!

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