george hates bush

Oh wow. George the Cat got a Cats Against Bush T-shirt. Yay!

George is apparently real suspicious of clothing with armholes. But the picture rocks.

Go see the story: George Hates Bush (and now me?)

where cats against bush shirts come from :

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  1. George looks cute as hell in that shirt.

  2. max

    Doesn’t he? There are more photos on Zee’s site. He is totally cute. I bet he would get used to the shirt too.

  3. Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, Max!

    The Old Man is Republican and he hates my cat. I am soooo ordering this for Lunar Space Pumpkin. Very cool!

    PS Cute kitty!

  4. Testing again. My comment didn’t show up earlier.

  5. Last year I got my nieces to stand in front of the TV and cry whenever Bush was on.

    My Republican Relatives really loved that.


    Anita Marie

  6. max

    A guy sent a clip in to of a dog named Jackson Mississippi — if you ask Jackson Mississippi whether he would rather be George Bush or rather be dead Jackson Mississippi rolls over and plays dead.

  7. Z

    Jackson Mississippi is a great dog name.

  8. He looks like my Sam!

    That is so funny, Anita!!

  9. max

    Jackson Mississippi is a cool name.

    George is huge. This is not readily apparent in photos unless he is next to something that shows his scale. Like sitting in a suit case or something. How big is he now, Zee?

  10. max

    Stilletto, I do not know what happened there, your posts got stuck in the spam box for no good reason. Anyway that is released now. I guess I need to check that nefarious box more often. Posts from Anita and Thinking Girl were stuck in there too and I am not sure where TG’s comment ended up I have to go track her down.

  11. Z

    George is around 24 lbs but not fat. When he stands on his back legs his head reaches the doorknob 3 feet off the ground. I got the medium dog shirt and it fit him pretty well.

  12. max

    George could play defense on a cat hockey team and womp Canadian hockey cat butt.

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