gar must die

What kind of devil man shows up and just aces tetrizz?


That is first place.

Do you know how long and hard I fought for first place?

It is his second score on the board!

You do not get first place with your second score on the board.

Gar must die.


10 Responses to gar must die

  1. aj

    I think it is highly controversial that Gar and Klh both have three letter names. It could be a hi alter-ego.

  2. max

    Well till now I would have said klh is the only player who could pull off a score like that. I just do not know why klh would change handles.

  3. I REALLY need to get on this game and see what the fuss is about. This is killing me.

    Sounds like he needs to be annihilated !

  4. max

    He does need to be annihilated. But it just about killed me taking klh down and gar just took us both down. Oh the humanity.

  5. You need to pick a three letter name.

    Oh, duh! You’ve got one.

    See, you are the original. They are copycats!

    Change your screen name to Spank and smack them both down!

    Go Spank Go!

  6. Actually, an even better name…Godsmack!

    They’ll totally be quakin’ in their boots!

  7. max

    I cannot change cujo. Cujo has achieved god status on the board. Plus, no one would recognize a new screenname. And that would strike fear into people just the way “gar” has… wait a minute, this is all starting to make sense.

    klh must die.

  8. “You are too important a woman to have a website that silly. — diana fuller

    But, but, but. . . . — max adams”

    you’re quite amusing

  9. max

    Thanks, Ragnarok.

    I think.

    [I do not have toilet paper on my shoe right?]

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