gangrene and the avocado thumb o' death


max handsSo I have this thumbnail injury and it keeps refusing to get better, it just manages to re-injure itself regularly in new and interesting ways. Once in a while I get excitable about the thumbnail injury and mount some new attack, but it never gets better it just finds ways to again, re-injure itself in new and interesting ways.

Today I looked at the thumbnail and it had changed, it now had this greenish line running down the side of the nail.




Gangrene of the thumbnail!

So I slam my hand under hot water, wondering if they have to amputate for this stuff or if the thumb can be saved, mentally dialing my doctor in my head wondering how bad he is going to yell at me for not coming in sooner since clearly this is a disaster it is gangrene of the thumbnail!


The green washes off immediately.

It is just avocado.

I was making guacamole.


26 Responses to gangrene and the avocado thumb o’ death

  1. That is hysterical, and something I would do!!

  2. You had me going there. I could see your hand with a nub and four fingers already.

  3. Gangrene, thumbnails and mysterious green stuff oozing from your hand.

    Max, you are my hero.

    Anita Marie

  4. max

    French tips just would not be the same.

  5. aj

    As I have heard about this thumb dilemma for quite the while now, I saw this heading and simply thought, “oh well, it’s about time it went green”.

    This is not a good sign Adams.

  6. Holy guacamole! That is classic, Max.

  7. max

    Well it is an avocado sign.

  8. Y’know, scaring people to death like that is just mean.

    I’m so telling Mirco.

    (j.k. It really was pretty funny!)

    Straight Girl Kisses Max!

  9. max, you crack me up. I would have so done the same thing. And you know you’re a writer when you think “missing thumb” and instead of “ow” or “ewwww” or “opening stuff no more!” you get a little freaked out over the whole space-key dilemma. Priorities.

  10. max

    The space key dillemma is huge. I need this thumb.

    [Notice partners in crime Kitty and AJ just saw the title and thought, Oh she finally killed the thumb. Like it was not even a question, just a pre-ordained eventuality. Sheesh.]

  11. Sophia

    I wasn’t worried about the gangrene. I was so sure it was the writer’s wild galloping imagination. Completely ignoring the title, I was wavering between blood and you had gone color-blind and saw it green or nothing at all and you still saw it green. But avocado. Adams, you’re funny.

  12. I thought back to the nail you had split on you and how I suggested Superglue. I was certain I’d caused a nail fungus and was instantly stricken with guilt.
    Then saved by guacamole.

  13. Sophia

    Gangrene, nail fungus. This is getting weirder and weirder.

  14. aj

    I would lie if I said I hadn’t been expecting amputation one day.

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  16. max

    Sigh. I live in fear of hand injuries ever since the doctor lectured me about how many bones are in the hand and how bad that can go after a cat bite went very wrong.

  17. Sounds like a case for Supernatural lol maybe one of the boys can suck it and make it better!

  18. I guess a little tea tree oil won’t help at this juncture, huh?

  19. max

    Who knows I have tried everything else.

  20. max

    Stilletto, do not take this wrong, but if you are praying for us I get a little worried.

  21. Hmm.

    This could be interpreted three ways and any way you slice it, it’s not very flattering! lol

  22. It’s ok, you’ll meet your wrath over at Susan’s! Muhahahaha!

  23. max

    Oh that is just vengeful.

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