funny things my students say


cloister_iiiI have this student —

Who has this protagonist who is a teacher at a Catholic school and also tends bar on the side.

In my notes I say, I am not sure a religious school will be okay with an instructor tending bar.

My student emails me: Well now I know you are not Catholic.


[clearly i spent way too much time in the bible belt]


where the art work comes from :
that is nun in cloister by doris ulmann

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  1. The Benedictine Monks were wine makers.
    And they liked that part of their job A LOT.

  2. Don Pèrignon – that’s my favorite religious brother!

  3. max

    Clearly I have spent too much time with Baptists and Mormons and not nearly enough time with Catholics. I must correct this.

  4. Ha! And you know Catholic girls give good…well. Ask your student.

  5. I went to Catholic school — corrupted me forever.

  6. Catholic – the everyone religion! I’m a lapsed Catholic.

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