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v for vendettaSo a regular —

Occurance at the fun Hollywood loft building is discouraged tenants — that usually means evicted tenants — throwing furniture and overpriced glass light and security fixtures off the roof.

Tonight around 2:30 am, which is the time any respectable discouraged tenant arrives back from last call, furniture started flying. Which is of course pretty exciting and a group activity that involves much shouting and also female companionship which dispells feelings of loserdome for anyone being evicted and is probably a good thing except for the unfortunate high pitched too loud feminine laughter which if you are on a computer trying to work and think coherently kind of pierces your frontal lobe.

For me in my delicate coccoon state, pierced frontal lobe stuff is not so good. And for pedestrians and motorists, maybe a pile of furniture on a dark street arriving unexpectedly out of the air is not so good too. So. I called the police and said, Hey, furtniture is flying again, and, I just heard at least one car hit flying furniture on the street.

Unfortunately for the kids on the roof, cops have started taking calls from this building pretty seriously, and there was a helicopter in the sky nearby. Which immediately abandoned its search for a lone Hispanic who might be selling drugs on a corner somewhere and honed in on the roof here where most likely overpriviledged children of people with too much money who were pissed off Dad refused to support their artistic illusions and was pulling the cord — and so was the landlord for non-payment of rent — were perpetuating the saga creating bitter children hell bent on entertainment at the expense of rattan roof furniture.

Now, there are like five police cars, one helicopter, and at least seven people in strangely marked up black hoodies being tied down with pieces of plastic usually reserved for packaging Amazon express packages.

I am partially on the furniture thrower’s side. If they did not have that too high level of female copanionship laughter that pierced my frontal lobe I might be all the way on their side. Personally I do not like my night discouraged or interrupted by their activities. And personally I disdain most of the common demographic in this building. And yet.

Sometimes they are not common demographic, sometimes they are something else. And these guys had uniforms. That is kind of cute.

Or scary.




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  1. “these guys had uniforms”
    — Kind of like movers, only they were moving stuff off the roof?

  2. Z

    Wow, I am way too lazy to carry stuff up to the roof when I am pissed off.

  3. max

    Oh they do not have to carry stuff up there. It is a roof garden, it has tables and chairs up there. Well, had tables and chairs up there.

  4. “…unfortunate high pitched too loud feminine laughter”

    Well, if they’re from the South then you’ve got to forgive them. We’ve got a lot of those in our family. I call it obsequious southern fervor. Just sorta comes with the territory.


    “Yes, I have a complaint-”

    “Is this Max again?” many times have you had to pick up the tele to dial those three nifty little digits?

    If I ever move to LA please let me know which building you’re in so I can avoid at all costs! lol

  5. Oh, this is such a fantastic movie, too!

  6. max

    They were not Southern. That is a different laugh. I for sure call the police too often here. A couple times on domestic violence guy. A couple times for roof hurlers. It is only a 911 call if someone is likely to get killed though. Like pieces of furniture are hurtling into a dark street cars drive too fast on and bouncing off a sidewalk drunk people walk down on their way out of the clubs. That is just likely to turn out real bad if the wrong moving objects collide.

  7. Oh, I agree. When my nephew throws objects off the balcony I have to threaten him with the police, too.

    I wonder about that kid. He joked about burning the cat’s whiskers but I gently explained that I would kill him if he did that. Boys. Always up to no good.

  8. Yeah, getting hit by a flying lamp would royally suck if you’re just comin’ back from the bar…talk about needing an extra Advil.

  9. max

    This one set of tenants — and they were not even getting evicted, yet — had a party on the roof and pulled off all the ornamental lamp covers, which were very solid glass chunks, and hurled them into the street and onto the patio of a packed restaurant on the other side of the building. Those guys did not need to worry so much about the law. They needed to worry about the owners of that restaurant, those restaurant owners have real interesting social and business connections. Those tenants do not live here anymore but they sure made weekends more interesting when they did.

  10. aj

    What are you like a magnet for freak neighbours? Never heard so many bad neighbour stories off one person.

  11. max

    I am lunatic candy. You know that. It is Hollywood though. A lot of odd people migrate to Hollywood. EngTech had an interesting theory too. He said something like, insanity seeks warm climates because if you are in danger of being homeless on the street any day, you sort of do not want to be somewhere it snows a lot. Florida gets lots of crazies too which bolsters up that theory.

  12. LMAO! “Lunatic Candy.”

    One of my coworkers is a real freak magnet. On any given day, if a freak has the choice, the freak will ALWAYS pick him over anyone else. Nine out of 10 freaks choose him, LOL!!

    I accept the, “insanity seeks warm climates” observation as an axiom.

  13. I’ve been in some pretty strange places- LA being one them so I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about Max.

    But do you know what scares me? It’s the people that look normal and then do weird things that scare me- like soccer Moms and Hockey Dads- I mean those people think NOTHING about dropping a grand or two so that their 12 YEAR OLD CHILD came play in a ‘good club’or how’s about breast implants for you 15 year old daughter?

    Please … that’s just bonkers.

    Freakazoid I get- delusions I understand- Mental Illness- check- invasion of the suburban body snatchers?

    Scares Me.

  14. I know people who are renting a limo for their daughter’s 10th birthday just so she and her friends can eat cupcakes in a limo… I sit you not. I dunno where they intend to go after, Chuck E. Cheese perhaps?

  15. “I know people who are renting a limo for their daughter’s 10th birthday just so she and her friends can eat cupcakes in a limo”

    Not a day goes by that I don’t thank fate for growing up poor. Moderate poverty+ loving support system= the best recipe for building a person of character.

  16. max

    Ten year olds do not want limos. Ten year olds want ponies. What is wrong with those people?

  17. Is it just me that still gets chills when I see this scene from V?

  18. max

    I love that scene. It makes me want to cheer.

    I have ancestors that overthrew two government rules though so that is maybe an unfortunate and less than delicate flower genetic response.

  19. Too much money, and not enough brains Max. And then we (well, not me) wonder why people have such an inflated sense of entitlement today.

    … A.J. sympathize with you about growing up poor, not in poverty but not good, especially considering the cost of living where I grew up. Most of the guys in my family are very blue collar, they’re truck drivers and mechanics. Not that that means poor, but I’m sure they look at me and can’t figure out why I didn’t knock-up a cheerleader and take up a trade the way they did. LOL, instead I was the first to get a college education, and then went on to grad school.

    It builds character, but sometimes I wonder what I could have accomplished if I were raised by white collar parents. I never lived up to my potential in public school. I did well because it came easy to me, not because I applied myself… Then the bell rang and I was like, OK lets get high.

    That said, I’m glad I never had cupcakes in a limo. What the F&@k? I think that that would have had more of a negative impact on me than all of the drugs I took.

  20. Wow, I must be really tame. I just throw mashed potato and birthday cake… and only from the second story window, not the roof.

    I did get in trouble, though. But only from my boss. And only because I hit his car.

  21. max

    Oh you are so sheltered. To truly understand mashed potatoe frenzy, you must vist —

    Okay it will be scary, brace yourself —

  22. Ahh! Well, I can’t help but be sheltered with no penis, or can I?

    Although, I’d be thinking there would be a slight friction deficit… but what would I know?

  23. Lunatic candy? lol I’ll definitely remember that one!

    AJ, you can grow up with money and have character, no? No?

    Actually, I have only been poor {and I mean dead broke rather than struggling] maybe twice in my life and it both sucked royally. I can never allow myself to be in that situation again. When Kate Winslet decided to trade in Billy Zane for Leonardo DiCaprio [on Titanic] I don’t think she quite thought it through.

  24. Max, I don’t know – look at all the crazies that cling to the street in a snow filled New York winter…Although I suppose you’re not necessarily talking about the street bums, perhaps people who are seemingly normal with a severe creative burning – their lunacy inspires brilliance yet their emotional core is shaky…

  25. A lot like the denizens who frequent this place…lol

  26. max

    Not all madmen are poets. Some of them are just mad.

  27. Most of them you can find @ the Library.

  28. “AJ, you can grow up with money and have character, no? No?”

    I’ve known Lots of bad poor people, and some very cool rich, so it can go either way.

    I think the more money you have though, the harder it is to get a clear sense of priority, and the less you have to struggle against.

    Being poor taught me to value relationships and integrity over status and possessions. You showed you cared by caring, not buying something.

    While I recognize it’s utility I neither like, nor trust money as an adult. I’ve seen too many people become imprisoned by there lifestyle, and weigh their personal worth by their bank balance.
    Shiny things are for magpies and unhappy people…in my experience.

  29. max

    “Shiny things are for magpies and unhappy people”


  30. “Being poor taught me to value relationships and integrity over status and possessions. You showed you cared by caring, not buying something.”

    A.J. you have a good head on your shoulders. Our “stuff” inevitably ends up owning us… Well said.

  31. max

    But, but, but —

    Shiny things are our friends.

  32. Yes, yes… Shiny things are nice every so often :)

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