fun with personals


I find this really entertaining —

“I’m currently looking to do charity work with L.A. graffiti ghetto kids. I think I can help them with geometry and show them the relation between their art and architecture. Its not that I want to help those little freaks… I can care less about them… I just want to manipulate people and have an excuse to be 32 and tag up walls.”


where the art work comes from :
that is one of kym’s frog photos

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  1. I’ll date him…. or was that posted by a woman?

  2. max

    Posted by a guy. He is cute too.

  3. Kym

    Hmm, the guy doesn’t sound like a prince to me. I’d pass on kissing him.

  4. Hey, not fair. If he is cute then share!

  5. max

    Isn’t it a wonderful pic? Kym is getting awfully good with a camera.

    Stil, I will share personals guy if you share neighbor guy. :::whistling:::

  6. First I am working on clever ways of “accidentally” running into him. Baby steps, honey, baby steps!

  7. I know several guys like that. They ARE cute, but my mother said never date a guy who’s better at accessorizing than you are.

  8. max

    That could work if he accessorized my outfits. It is when I am cooling my heels waiting for a guy to finish his hair that I think something could be wrong.

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