fun with domestic violence


tv violenceThe neighbors are having problems.

Actually, it used to be “a” neighbor. She was a real nice girl. We would say hi in passing. Yesterday I was heading into the elevator and she was heading out of the elevator and she did not even see me. She had her head down. In that walk. I have seen it before. It is the bad walk.

She moved into the building about the same time I did. I was not even sure whether she lived here or just used the place to cook stuff for her coffee shop. She has a little shop on the corner. Lots of cooking smells. Not so much people living there action. Either way, it looked like she had the place alone. For a while.

Then the guy showed up.

I do not know how long the guy has been around. He just was around one day and then he was around more. He is one of those guys who always gives off this tense feeling, so seeing him, you get a little tense too. You do not know why. You just do.

One day the yelling started.

Yelling is a gradual thing. One day you hear it. About a week of quiet goes by. You hear it again. Another week. Then the yelling starts happening more often.

Today the yelling is out of control.

It is not like yelling ever really is a big sign of control. But, there is contained yelling. And, there is I have really lost it yelling.

This is the I have really lost it yelling.

It started this morning. Stopped for a while. He was hitting something, but it wasn’t her, anyone who gets hit that hard falls down. I figured it was maybe a wall. Not good, but it would hurt his hand worse than it would hurt her. [Cool, maybe he will break that hand and go yell somewhere else.] Then it stopped.

I thought, Finally. And thought maybe I could get some work done. Or maybe write something fun for the blog. Maybe I would write something fun about my imaginary boyfriend —

The yelling started again.

[Imaginary boyfriends are looking real good today.]

And the hitting.

Whatever it is he just hit does not sound like a wall anymore. Me, I am not walking into that. I do not need to get hit too. But I will not sit listening while it happens. So I called the cops.

I really hate guys who hit women. I hate guys who yell at women and I hate guys who call women names but I hate guys who hit women more.


where the art work comes from :
that is tv violence by photopixel

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  1. Hearing about that makes me uneasy… for you. Being a helpless witness to the act is (at leaast) the next worst thing to being the actual punching bag.

    IMO, one of the first things a woman should reveal about herself to a man is how accurate she is with a firearm… even if she has never touched one… and THAT is coming from a man who has never harmed a female despite innumerable well deserved martini’s thrown in my general direction.

  2. max

    It is pretty ugly. I will be twitchy all day. Sigh.

    I was firearm trained by a combat Marine. Translation: I can double tap a moving target in the dark.

    Trench, what have you done to get all these martinis tossed at you? That is beverage waste you know.

  3. Good call on bringing in the cops.

    Grown-ups need to learn how to take a time out before raising voice and fist,

    Out of curiousity: would you have called the cops if it was the shemale doing the yelling and throwing the punches?

  4. max

    That is an interesting question. You cannot always tell who is doing the hitting. Not if it is next door or a house away. You can tell who is doing the yelling or screaming, but not always who is throwing punches. Once you hear a body take a hit, though, it is time to be help or get help.

  5. the concensus among ex-girlfriends is that I don’t know how to “invest in a relationship”, …….yeah whatever. (wink)

  6. max

    That means you did not like them as much as they wanted you to like them, right? Those were not smart girls. Smart girls drink the martini and throw a water chaser at the guy.

  7. Ugh. I had a “couple” like that living across from me when I first moved here. It was horrible. And then she got pregnant. Which apparently was enough of a wake up call for her to dump his sorry ass. At least that’s what she had done when she moved out to a bigger place. I hope she keeps him gone.

  8. I am glad you called the cops.

    But I hope you did so anonomously. That could be one crazy dude.

  9. max

    Oh I am pretty sure they know it is me I talked to the cops in the hall. I do not think I have to worry about this guy though. From all appearances, he is just some candy ass who likes to yell at girls. I am not.

  10. I hope coffee shop girl dumps this violent idiot. Good move to call the cops.

    Oh la la, you can double tap a moving target in the dark? Wow.

  11. max

    Can and want to be in a position where I have to are very different things. [wry smile]

  12. ooh, that’s kinda scary. If it was me I would be sat behind a well locked door about now, double tapping abilities or not.

  13. max

    Not as scary as granny panties. Say maybe there is method to Mom’s madness. I bet if you put a rock in those things and pulled back real hard you could get some serious wrist rocket action going there.

  14. Sophia

    If, let’s say, off the top of my head, you’re not allowed to smoke, and you eyeball your hubby’s pack of cigarettes untended on the kitchen counter, and you snatch one and lock yourself in the bathroom, but the husband (oh the pain) somehow finds out (it can’t be the smell coming from the bathroom, can it?) and forces himself in and grabs your precious little pleasure and tosses it away and then you, outraged that he so brutally slaughtered your joy, hit him so hard on the arm that the spot your hand just landed on actually takes shades of purple and black… now… is that considered domestic violence?

  15. Hi.

    Just returned from a long walk with our dog.

    Took the test in your previous post….
    (alarming result, i think i am getting nervous – 54% feemale tendencies).

    As for the hitting in the current post – there are no shotcuts. Police – break-up – what ever. It will never improve.

    Well – now i am going to turn off the computer, and start the vacuum cleaner. Then warm up the sauna, put the white wine and beer in the fridge, shave, and then our guests should start to arrive.

    This year we are around 15 people (for the first year our oldest son will leave home for a party with his friends)


    Happy New Year Max !



    This text – fotunately turned out OK in the test:

    Female Score: 148
    Male Score: 241
    The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

  16. Sophia that is not domestic violence – that is self defense. Next time (I am not condoning cheating but just in case) – take a walk outside. Or run an errand.

  17. max

    That is so domestic violence. You two will be lucky if the cigarette does not press charges.

  18. Sadly, Max, there are many women with this story.

    I’m impressed with your gun training. I still don’t know if I could shoot someone even if they are hitting me – I may empty the chamber and hit them on the side of the head instead.

  19. max

    If you cannot shoot a person, do not know, for sure, no questions asked, you can, you should not own a hand gun. Hand guns are not for threatening or smacking people. [Which would not work with a Glock anyway the handle is plastic and will break.] Hand guns are for shooting people. That is their express purpose and you have to know you can do that if you are going to own one because nothing is dumber than getting shot with your own gun.

    Cattle prods are good. They will usually drop a grown man flat, have more than one charge, do not take much aim, work as a distancer, and there are no legal restrictions on cattle prods.

    All of this is about strangers though, you know, someone coming at you you do not know? If you know someone who is hitting you, there is one answer: Leave.

  20. Cattle prods, i like the way you think. As for the granny panties, I think just showing them to some one would send them running screaming down the street – hey, they could bring a end to war and all killing and bloodshed. Instead of shooting or blowing people up just wave your granny panties at them! That’d show em.

  21. max

    The power of granny panties is vastly underrated. I wish Barbara Bush would use that power for good.

  22. Are you kidding? Barbara Bush wears a thong.

  23. max

    Gads. What a visual. Now I am going to have bad dreams.

  24. Max is right about the gun ownership thing. Wielding a gun is much like offering an ultimatum. Don’t offer both choices unless you are ready to expect EITHER answer. Don’t own a gun unless you are ready to face it being used, intentionally or not.

    I have also had the experience of living in an apartment below an abusive man and more-than-likely abused woman. You can forget about being anonymous. Neighbors like that usually are pretty vigilant about knowing who narcs on them. Calling the police, in this case, was pointless. As soon as the cops would arrive, both people upstairs would sit quietly – not answer when the cops came – then the cops would leave. 10 minutes later, it would all start over. Shouting, hitting, slapping, falling over, swearing, accusations, whimpering, pleading, stomping around….the whole deal. I found out later that the city I lived in didn’t care about people reporting drunk drivers either. I nearly got clipped TWICE and they said to call the next city over because the drunk seemed to be heading out of the city (after I told them where they could pick him up). Honest tax dollars at work.

    Anyway, I have no idea what other means of intervention I could have participated in. I didn’t know the couple, nor did I want to buddy up to some couple where the guy thinks slapping around a women is a good idea. The guy would probably just add me to the slapping list and the woman wouldn’t be any more likely to leave the dude. I also didn’t want my car or stuff to be targets of misdirected anger. I was glad to move, but wonder what happened to the couple.

  25. I’m pretty sure the UN classified Granny Panties as WMDs.

    Just so y’know.


  26. max

    Wow, and perfect for home defense. Granny panties are so versatile.

  27. Now, I can’t confirm the veracity of this, but it’s rumored that the Lichtenstein Navy uses them to wind up the propellers on their submarines.

    What’s that you say?

    Lichtenstein doesn’t have a Navy?

    Well I’m not surprised given the propulsion methods of their submarines.


  28. max

    Wow, Janie, I so have to call the bad joke police now.

  29. (hangs head in shame… while giggling)

  30. I think granny panties also work as a birth control device….underwear that too functional works against both sides of the coital fence.

    The mental picture I had of the Lichtensteinian sub was like those balsa wood airplanes that had a wind-up rubber band for the propeller. In this case, however, the granny panties would be wound to make the blades spin.

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