fun with corsets


fun with corsets


I saw this fun quiz referenced in a google search and then had to hunt like a ninja to find the actual quiz :

What corset are you?

“You are the Elizabethan-era corset. How refined.”

[Why does it feel like the quiz snears when it says “refined”?]


:::take the corset quiz:::

:::that photo is by norman jean roy — and i cannot find a site on him:::

:::see the anime corset:::


54 Responses to fun with corsets

  1. You’re a vinyl/fetish corset. Grrrrowl.


  2. Wow Vanessa- me to
    You’re a vinyl/fetish corset. Grrrrowl.
    I see a dangerous trend shaping up at Max’s…

  3. “You are an anime corst. Colorful.”

  4. ‘You are a Victorian era corset. How refined.’

    They sneered at me too.

  5. max

    Oh they have some nerve.

  6. ‘You are a Victorian era corset. How refined.’ How Virgo of me!

  7. max

    LOL — yes, very Virgo. But how did I end up Virgo? Was it the Capricorn influence?

  8. Arrggghhhh astrology talk- quit visiting you know who…quit it quit it PLEASESSEEEE

  9. max

    Boy aversion to astrology talk is a bad condition to have around here.

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  11. I’m a Victorian corset, and I’m a Scorpio. Now how the hell did that happen? (And they can’t spell on that quiz. The can’t spell burgundy or Caribbean!)

  12. aj

    ‘You are a Victorian-era corset. How refined.’

    It’s rigged.

  13. max

    Okay that cannot be right. Were you drinking when you answered those questions?

  14. aj

    No, but if I knew I would get Victorian as a result, I would have just to cushion the news.

  15. max

    This is all hormones, it will return to normal bite the condom off my veil girl shortly.

  16. The words “fun” and corset” don’t go hand in hand.

  17. max

    I have just been informed there is a Confederate Southern Belle corset. Now I am all distraught I did not get the Scarlett O’Hara corset. Sheesh.

  18. Well at least I’m colorful. I’m an anime corset.

  19. max

    Has anyone posted the anime corset? I have got to see that.

  20. I do so believe in astrology- I’m afrain NOT to- …oh wait.


  21. max

    You will be assimilated.

  22. anime Corsets…I mean I guess.
    that entire anime scene is lost on me.

  23. max

    Ahem. The Sailor Moon girls do not grope each other’s breasts. Jeez.

  24. Say WHO?
    Isn’t that a kid’s cartoon?

  25. max

    That is Sailor Moon with the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Moon is prime time in Japan.

  26. max

    A true nerd would know who Sailor Moon is. Please turn your nerd card over to the bailiff now.

    Oh Bailiff…..

  28. That looks like a shot from Vanity Fair…

  29. max

    I have not purchased a copy of Vanity Fair since 1995 when they published “The Writers” and the photo subjects were all pasty white paunchy men swilling cheap bourbon and cheaper cigars.

    No offense to pasty white paunchy men but that old boys editorial club at Vanity Fair can bite me.

  30. Well maybe they’ve updated it by then? I mean it’s been over ten years.

    I really enjoy that magazine.

  31. max

    They haven’t. One of my goals in life is to drive that boys club misogynistic piece o’ crap into the dirt.

    And then kick sand on its corpse while singing a Dave Henly song.

    It won’t happen. In spite of having misogynistic fucks for an editorial staff they are fascinating enough they keep the public buying.

    But I freaking hate them.

  32. Well, when you look past all the pretension there are some really good articles in it.

    But I can see why you hate them.

    Kick sand on its corpse while singing a Dave Henly song? lol

  33. max

    There are excellent articles in it. And they get the best photographers. They are still aboriginal misogynist sexless creepoid asshole fucks.


  34. Working hard to break that image, huh Max?

    What have you been drinking tonight? Vodka with a twist of mean? lol

  35. max

    My entire profession was portrayed as white paunchy middle aged guys swilling cheap bourbon and har har haring it with stogies. I mean, what is that? No offense to white paunchy middle aged writer guys, but that is not the whole and entirety of the population of my profession and it was 1995, for fuck’s sake, that photo was so blatant it could have been an ad for the KKK — in 1995? Yes. I resent the portrayal. And I resent the people who perpetuate that portrayal.

  36. Understood. But how do you know it’s cheap bourbon they swill?

  37. Don’t forget the Heidi Fleiss hookers awaiting in the wings.

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  39. max

    Wow this is really odd. Stats have gone through the roof and while I would like to think that is the result of me posting a photo, tragically it is not, it is this topic and “anime corset.”

    Who knew anime corsets were so popular?

    Who knew people did this many searches for anime corsets? Jeez.

  40. I get the Corsets part.

    The Anime part scares me- a bunch.

  41. Anita, I bet you might like Spirited Away….the bathhouse of ghosts.. Zach loves it.

  42. max

    Miyazaki rocks. My favorites are Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, and Porco Rosso. The Cat Returns rocks too.

  43. max

    [ps : okay for distinguished guests and also because i wanted to know what the anime corset looked like too i took the test and answered every question with what i thought an anime corset would say and got the anime corset, yay! — so i put a link up to the image in the main message and everyone can see it now but i will put it here too]

    anime corset link : anime corset

    [it is fun]

  44. How did we miss my neighbor Totoro? All the others are right up there for us too… He also quotes the cat in Kiki’s delivery service to me….. it’s very funny. ” you don’t know what to do with your powers” I just look at him and wonder ….. is he calling me a witch ? Maybe he has it right to take it literally…..

  45. max

    Oh you have to see My Neighbor Totoro. There is a cat bus.

  46. max

    Wow. “Anime corset” just fell off the search engines. I wonder how that works.

  47. max

    Oh wow. I was doing a search to see how high up the corset google list I was these days and I found this page with camo corsets. Yay!

    camouflage corset page

    That so rocks.

    There is also a bat girl cincher which is pretty cool.

  48. By the way we did rent my neighbor Totoro and we liked it. I missed out on the ending so We will have to rent it again. We found a great anime video store and Zach had a blast in there.

  49. max

    Oh cool Totoro rocks. I have more favorites. Like Howl’s Moving Castle it is my all time favorite. But Totoro is wonderful I want to ride on the cat bus.

  50. arabellavampiress


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