frosty beverages


coca cola bottleI am drinking —

A frosty refreshing beverage chilled by a refrigerator. My refrigerator. Here where I live. I can just walk over there and open a door and presto, frosty beverages in a spiffy fridge that works no ice packing required.


This would sound way more exciting to you if you had just gone a week without refrigeration.

Love & Kisses,

That Frosty-Beverages-R-Us Adams Girl


where the art work comes from :
that is from fbphotography

8 Responses to frosty beverages

  1. it’s like the Jetsons, but for real!

  2. Oh frosty beverage sounds so good right now. I’m so glad you are back in frosty beverage business. Cheers.

  3. It is the little things in life that make us happy, no? A cool beverage and a ciggy…

  4. aj

    This new fridge has an “auto defrost” button I hope.

  5. Hey Frosty:

    I’ll bet that fridge is nice and quiet, too, huh?

    Your moving buddy,


  6. Sophia

    Frosty beverages sound cool. I wonder, though, if they’re just as alluring as chocolate ice creams with that soft, velvet topping, the dripping caramel syrup and crunchy chocolate chips. Hmm…

  7. max

    That fridge is so quiet, I had to keep getting up and checking it to convince myself it was on the whole first night I had it.

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