friends with cannons


I have this friend. Well —

Had this friend. We knew each other when I was fifteen and she was a seriously good friend then. I had to show in court when I was fifteen. Mainly because I was the person who pulled an injured friend out of a smashed car and took her to an emergency room. Apparently saving your friend gets you in a lot of trouble when you are fifteen. Jeez. But we were friends then and she went to court with me.

My friend was older. Adult. In her twenties. That is actually a big age span when you are fifteen. But, we were friends. A long time ago.

And then time passed.

And then we weren’t.

I am not sure exactly when we weren’t. It may have been when she mocked my name. It may have been when she mocked my age. It may have been when she dismissed my first book. It may have been when she dismissed my second. It may have been when I met a man and she mocked that. Or it may have been —

When she dismissed Jones.

Jones was my cat. And he died. I got a letter from her. It was in a nice card that said something nice about cats dying. But then there was the letter. It talked and talked and you know I was just okay with that, nice card that acknowledged Jones, and then normal talk in the letter. Except, at the bottom of page two, the letter said, “Oh wait what am I forgetting? Oh yeah. Jones died.”

That was the end.


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0 Responses to friends with cannons

  1. Well.
    Unless you’re into revenge.
    Like me.

  2. Kym

    If it was just that one thing, maybe she was a flake but all of them together…She was way too insensitive to be a good friend.

  3. So much for a life debt…

  4. She dismissed your books? Oh no she didn’t. That would have been the end for me. Because if I ever get published, I will be WORSHIPPED, god damn it! (Ok, that’s bull. I’m not going to get published, and worship makes me queasy. But still…)

  5. max

    Long time friends are sort of like parents, I think. If they do something incomprehensible to you, you think to yourself, this person would not really do that to me right? And you sort of shove it aside and dismiss it as an accident or unintentional. But when it happens too many times, there comes a point when you have to acknowledge something is really wrong and this person is not on your side.

  6. sulya

    Funny, that is largely why I now have my own apartment…. hmmmm…

  7. Sarah

    I knew it was time to pull the weed with a former friend when I called her sobbing about how I was going to have to put my childhood cat to sleep the coming weekend. (The cat was 19, mind you. I didn’t know life without him.)

    Her response: “I got laid last night.”

  8. aj

    I know of this person yes?

  9. max

    Yes. This is the person I was having contortions over when I stopped writing back.

  10. aj

    May I say, good decision. The not writing back. Unless of course you would like me to pen the reply.

  11. max

    You are so much better at this stuff than I am I should just hand off all difficult correspondence to you.

  12. She mocked your name? You’ve got the coolest name. That would have been it right there.

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