wolfI am walking down the sidewalk —

A guy behind me calls, Hey!

I turn around.

I do not know him.

He says I am losing my cash. He randomly gestures at my backside.

I look.

A couple dollars are working their way out of my back jeans pocket.

I shove them back, say thanks, start walking —

Then I get it.

That guy was staring at my ass.


where the art work comes from :
that is wolf by cinema cowgirl

15 Responses to fresh

  1. Perhaps I should glue some money to the back of my jeans so everyone will stare at the cash and not notice how flat my ass is.

  2. He obviously appreciates beautiful things.

  3. max

    Wow. Woeful. You are so gallant today.

  4. At least he didn’t grab your ass and take the cash.

  5. That would have been…a bum deal lol

  6. max

    Wow I have not had to call the pun police in so long I wonder if they are still on speed dial.

    I am so dense, it was only the corners of the bills sticking out and he was half a block away and I was thinking, How did he even see that? Oh. Doy.

  7. Top Gun has 20/15 vision. Maybe he tops Top Gun or maybe he was just admiring your lovely butt from afar!

    Poor Bagel. You’ve really need to get to the bottom of some of these issues!

  8. Well, that’s what happens when you defy gravity!

  9. Just showing some well deserved love.

  10. apparently all that working out is paying off…congrats

  11. Oh, she’s doing it for health. Right, Max?

  12. max

    Um. Truthfully? It is all about vanity.

  13. Oh surely you knew I was kidding! lol

  14. max

    [Actually I thought you were giving me a dignified non-vanity based out I am not smart enough to take. Wink.]

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