free max!


free max!

free max!


Anita Marie cracks me the hell up.

Facebook got mad I was posting too much on my wall or something during the Blonde Winery Campaign and blocked me for “possible violation of facebook terms.” So now I can answer mail over there and read stuff but no posting for me. So Anita posted a “Free Max!” Lolcats.

That is just funny as hell to me.


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  1. Is it a facebook rebellion?
    It’s a Facebook Revolution

    !Viva la Revolucion!


  2. max

    LOL! You so crack me up. Thanks for the love. Hug!

  3. forkboy1965

    Viva la Max!

  4. max

    Someone should share that in the vote for max group. Too funny.

  5. OK… Lemme get this straight, they deactivated your account because you “might” have done something? That’s the most bass ackward thing I’ve ever heard.

    Actually, I think that you ought to write the wine thieves and tell them that while accruing more votes than anyone else in such a short timeframe (doing the very social networking thing that they have such a hard-on for) that Facebook revoked your privileges. Then thank the fuckwits for turning you into a social leper.

    You should demand a case of vino for pain & anguish – LMAO!

  6. max

    Cripes, everything media is conspiring against me right now. Dreamweaver just lost its serial number and is screaming for it and I have to go find it to put it back in before it will work again. Facebook has me frozen out. My mouse is acting up. Twitter keeps throwing posts from accounts I DO NOT FOLLOW at me. Is Merc Rx again? Cripes.

    [LOL Woe — I am not a social leper yet, it is just blocked, hopefully the block will lift in a day or two, I have had facebook yell at me for too much email before and tell me to go chat instead and block email for a day or two. The wine idea is good though. Maybe it is time for a glass.]

  7. Oh I know… It is pretty damn funny though!

  8. max

    I am having major flashbacks to getting in trouble in junior high and high school. I was so informed back then my amusement was NOT APPROPRIATE too.

  9. max

    New post on facebook: Nancy Bilyeau: Free Max Now! Free Max Now! Attica…Attica…Attica…!!

  10. That is hilarious, Anita.

  11. max

    Wow it worked the facebook block has been lifted yay!

  12. Viva! Viva!
    !Viva la Revolucion!

  13. max

    Hey, I think you must dress Kolchak up in a purple stole. [I so want to spell that stoll spell check keeps arguing it with me though ahh!]

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