Free Books!



Well not entirely free. You do have to win them in a competition:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a cool meme/graphic of a celebrity/historical figure/fictitious character/someone-recognizable-and-cool reading The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide. [If you need inspiration or ideas, hit this :::post:::] Then, go to the The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide Facebook page, like the page, and post your graphic.


You have two weeks.



*The Fine Print One: Winners will be announced on or around November 21st, 2012 – depending on release date – here on the The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide’s book site and on the The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide Facebook page. Most likely we will go a little crazy and mention you on the AFW blog too. And Twitter and Celluloid Blonde and, erm — okay we go a little crazy announcing winners so let’s just say all the hell over.

*The Fine Print Two: Winners are selected by Max Adams. Why? Because it is her book and as arbitrary as that may sound, that is how it goes. Though “likes” on your submission on the Facebook page could seriously sway her. Maybe you should hit “like” a lot. Maybe your friends should hit “like” a lot. It could not hurt.

*The Fine Print Three: Winners will be contacted via Facebook so you must like the page so Max can track you down to tell you that you won. Also we will make a big deal about you on the page if you win. Yay!

*The Fine Print Four: Inappropriate material and/or inappropriate posts will be deleted from the Facebook page. Who decides what is inappropriate material? Max Adams. Why? Because it is her book – see Fine Print Two.


The above Marilyn meme is from Jacqueline Radley, who instantly won a free book. Yay!


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