freaky social week


sleeping_stockingThis is a —

Freakishly social week for me. Monday is a birthday party. Wednesday is a workshopper’s table reading. Thursday is Nicholl awards. Friday is Nicholl alumni.

It is kind of bizarre for me to be going to one event in one week. It is downright bizarre for me to be going to four.

Cross fingers my stockings do not run.


ps : my butt looks exactly like that


where the art work comes from :
that is from hemiorange426

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  1. Same here. The only night I am home is Wednesday. The ball starts rolling tomorrow night at the Alanis concert. I am going to be very spent when next Sunday rolls around!

  2. max

    I remember a long long time ago I used to go out all the time but after the stalker stuff I got very cocoon so it is odd to me to be out and about like this. Fun though. I pulled out the clothes and played dress up planning outfits. Yay!

  3. And I thought all that was just par for your glamorous Hollywood lifestyle…

  4. Have a great time, Max.

  5. Dan

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  6. max

    No matter how hard you try Dan, Kym and I are not going to make out.

  7. max

    [By the way everyone knows I woke up with a zit on the nose because that is just the way God rolls right?]

    [Ha ha God I have concealer.]

  8. Sounds like a great week. And kudos on having the hot butt.

  9. max

    You guys know I made it up about the butt right?

  10. “The ball starts rolling tomorrow night at the Alanis concert.”

    No ball has ever started rolling at an Alanis concert; though many have come permanently to rest in a swamp of angst and faux spirituality.*

  11. forkboy

    I don’t believe you. That’s probably really you in the photo. You’re far too clever not to have that kind of butt.

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