dali_crucifictionI have a new follower —

On Twitter. Probably to keep an eye on me. I am vocally pro health reform enough it is catching some people’s attention and not all of them are happy with me.

This follower falls into the unhappy category. Someone with an entire Twitter page about not passing health care reform. The reason is, if I am reading that page right —

If the fifty million uninsured and more than fifty million underinsured in this country had access to medical treatment, um, one of them might try to get an abortion!

I see. Millions of American’s should live [or die] without medical care to stop a few from possibly trying to obtain an abortion.


Say has it ever occurred to one of you troglodytes if people had medical care they could maybe afford to bring a baby to term?

I thought not.



where the art work comes from :
that is from msseay

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  1. Although there are many valid arguments to both sides (especially concerns regarding the execution of such a program), that must be the stupidest arguments i’ve heard in all of this.

    amen, max.

  2. max

    Isn’t it though? Thanks for stopping by and commenting Bernard.

  3. Andrew

    So let’s allow millions of already-born people (including [*gasp!*] children!) to die to keep one fetus from getting prematurely terminated…?

    That’s not a gap in logic, it’s a full tear in the space/time continuum.

  4. max

    Well also, let’s make sure pregnancies are not monitored by doctors, pregnant women do not receive medical care, and the babies, once born, have no medical care too because, you know, fetuses matter, but pregnant women and babies can go jump.

  5. This is basically what I’ve been saying to my boyfriend. Trust me, those Repubs are all for abortion when it comes time to get rid of the evidence growing in the stomach of their mistresses.

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