freaking measles


So I have been —

Researching measles. For, um, no apparent reason.

[Other than my whole body now is covered with so many red dots they have merged and blended into what is looking like a lifesize sunburn that does not respect tan lines. Jeez.]

And looking at measle photos and also at times of incubation and charts and graphs and also apparently there has been a recent measles outbreak in San Diego —

I met someone for coffee exactly about the time I should have contracted measles if this is in fact [damnation] freaking measles and he happened to be visiting San Diego at the time and also has three children the usual culprits and carriers of measles.

Someone is in so much trouble.


*this better have run its course by this weekend i am GOING to see kurt’s movie and that is final

*wherever my brother is i owe him a big apology for making fun when he got measles sorry bro i did not know


where the art work comes from :
that is from mme victoire

0 Responses to freaking measles

  1. Dan

    I’m sure you look good in red.

  2. Have you checked around to see if there’s a salt vampire in the neighborhood like the one in the first season of Star Trek. That could explain the red marks.

    Uh, and there’s hemorrhagic fever too . . .

  3. Two words: Calamine Lotion.

  4. max

    No. Way. Calamine lotion is a device of the devil.

  5. aj

    You’re on your own. I don’t do contagious.

  6. max

    Oh come on. One kiss.

  7. uh oh . . .


  8. Man, that sucks. You need to catch something different and give it back to him.

  9. max

    I have been wondering how you are Chris. No spots?

  10. max

    Oh sure, when I am dancing naked on tables it is all “come come come to me,” but catch one little red spotted infirmity and it is no more love. Fickle.

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  12. Chefleur

    I think as long as the spots are not openly weeping pus..(love being able to type gross stuff!)you are not contagious. Aloe Vera is good for what ails you – just don’t swallow any – puke-arama!

  13. no spots pour moi, max

  14. carlmmiller

    Hey Max. No measles here. Hope you are feeling better.

  15. max

    Wow, Carl, nice of you to show up. Jeez.

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