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Look it is way past time for a Battlestar Gallactica drinking game. You know it. I know it. If you do not know it, you just are not geeky enough and should right now get with the program.

A Battlestar Gallactica drinking game is way over due.

Fortunately I am on task on Battlestar Gallactica so know just how this should work.

The key word here is frak.

[Frak this, frak that, I know people who are actually accidentally using “frak” in ordinary conversation. Sure, they know it is wrong, but it happens. Also that is not me. For the record, hello, Chris.]

The Frak This Battlestar Gallactica Drinking Game. Yay!

Commander William Adama says “frak”: Five drinks. And no cheating watching the one episode he does it in over and over that is just wrong Kara was missing he was wrought.

President Laura Roslin says “frak”: Three drinks. We are not sure about that, Prez Roslin has been getting excitable lately and really her mouth is heading for the trash but hey, she is the prez, it counts, three drinks.

Colonel Tigh says “frak”: Sorry, Colonel Tigh is drunk enough for you, him, and half the crew, no drink for Tigh fraks.

Number Six says “frak”: Number Six almost never says “frak,” for a machine and murderer of most of the human race she is really a lady, you get two drinks.

Everyone else: Okay frankly we think it is a cheap shot if you take a drink when Starbuck says “frak,” that is just too easy, but we won’t tell if you do not tell and anyone else who says “frak”? One drink.


Now go frakking drink.

18 Responses to frak this

  1. This made me laugh so hard! I’m hearing frak all over the place and was wondering when it would become a drinking game. Thanks for making up the rules!

  2. max

    Someone had to do it. [wink]

  3. I am so frakking there.

  4. hehehehe I LOVE drinking games.

    This would be a lot of drinking. People in the future swear a LOT.

  5. Remember the original Battlestar series?

    They used “Frak” alot then too…so if you want to really have a good time go retro and watch the old episodes.

    If nothing else it will MAKE you want to drink.

  6. max

    They used Frak in the original? Are you making that up?

  7. No I’m not…if I was going to make something up it would involve monsters and ooze and demons ;-)


  8. If I were to make something up it would involve…

    oh wait.

  9. That so cracks me up, Janiedoll. [wink]

  10. Max, my friend LK says you get a ton of points for watching Battlestar which happens to be his favorite show.

  11. max

    Oh well LK gets points too Battlestar rocks. Dee needs to stop being a wuss and less show time could go to the baby Hera about now though.

  12. Speaking of alien, that sentence was one of them. Definitely. You must be talking about the show!

  13. max

    Yes. And if you watched that show you would be one of the cool kids and get that sentence.


  14. Finally, a fracking BSG drinking game. Load up on ambrosia… It’s time to get my drink on!

    One thing the new series is missing is the curse, “felgercarb” from the original series… As in, “That’s a load of felgercarb.” I would love to have them sparingly integrate this into the dialog…

  15. I personally love retro anything including retro fashion. Thanks for the post.

  16. BSG is fraking shiny! (Ahem…double geekness revealed…sigh) Anyhow, love that show!

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