forty eight hours


vanitasI just spent —

Forty. Eight. Hours. Doing. Taxes.

Forty. Eight. Hours.

That means all day Sunday, all night Sunday, all day Monday, all night Monday.

And also even part of Tuesday.

Those are forty–eight hours I am never getting back.

That is not even preparing or filing taxes either. That is just going through receipts and allocating and compiling numbers so I can give them to tax savvy accountant peoples who actually even know what this numerology from hell means.

There is tax catastrophe too. I am seriously supposed to have forms. All kinds of forms. From all kinds of places. And, hello —

No forms.

I have no idea where they went. They are just gone.


So part of that forty–eight hours was ripping up the whole loft sifting through all nefarious dens of paper missing–forms–I–would–never–toss could have found their ways to. And —

No forms.

So I had to call and email all sorts of people for emergency replacement forms.

And [OH MY GOD] hard copy post office mail a signature.

[This is for sure why my mother told me to be a dental hygienist. One employer. One form. I am sorry I doubted you Mom. Who knew it was about forms?]

Meanwhile, The Cougher is busy dying noisily next door which only amps the angst wattage around here. Jesus Christ. Cougher Guy! Buy a lozenge!


where the art work comes from :
that is vanitas from chaovsky

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  1. Hahaha you just made my day. It’s nice to know people ouot there are going through worse stress than I am today. Just think- you’ve got the same thing to look forward to next year.

  2. max

    Yes I do, but I won’t cry. Damn you Happy Chick!

    [Um, kidding!]

  3. You need a better filing system. By “forms” do you mean W-2s? That’s rough. If you need any other forms you can pull them from I’ll tell you what I tell everyone who asks for forms at the Library… “Good luck.”

    We should trash the entire tax code already. It’s far too convoluted, and does nothing but pander to the wealthy… And how much does it cost to run the IRS to collect and analyze all of our taxes? A mint, and that pisses me off! A 15% flat tax on everyone with few or no deductions would do the job. Then, the rich would no longer be able to shelter their share since a percentage is a percentage.

  4. Brut

    Paying taxes is a privilege, Max. Look at the bright side… you are supporting the administration and contributing to the retirement pensions of Ashcroft, Rummy, Brownie, Gonzales and the like.
    On a more serious note… I was talking to my brother-in-law last night and we are planning a trip to LA. My kids won’t be going but his seven are. I told him how much you love pets and he said you would love Flick & Flack his two playful Irish setters. Don’t worry about beds, we will bring sleeping bags. Er, Phil has some special dietary requirements, but will email his needs in advance. You shouldn’t have much trouble preparing his menu.
    See you soon.
    Oh, and don’t forget to give me your new address when you move.

  5. I just ran across a tax preparer who specializes in work with individual artists and small businesses (such as bands, etc.). Perhaps you could “pay” someone to do your taxes next time. Who knows, they may find you some big-ass deduction you aren’t aware of. Then instead of stress you could throw a party.

  6. sulya

    max. I simply weep for you. Make sure you balance this with some serious pampering of self. There is a rift in the fabric of space-time that must be mended.

  7. max

    Woe, I am so with you. Flat tax flat tax flat tax! [Missing W2’s and 1099’s, not good.]

    Brut, you will love the rooftop all the urchins with special diets sleep there.

    Tri, I do pay someone to figure out and file the taxes. He still needs numbers and sources and forms from me though. Sigh.

  8. Heh, Max, our lovely tax system. I feel your pain – I’ve been fighting ol’ Uncle Sam of my 04 taxes. Somehow, my student loans (non-income) was mixed up with my stupid consulting income. Not by me, either. Apparently, their computers are never wrong :)

    Best of luck. A nice scotch usually helps with post-tax relaxation.

  9. Cougher does not have money for lozenges, Max. Cougher only has money for crack.

    By the way, sorry to hear of your woes. I’ve always said luxury tax is the way to go!

  10. Max is great with animals, Brut. Even the ones that live upstairs.

  11. Brut

    You are the maitresse of the double entendre, Stiletto.

  12. i feel for you, i really do! if only i could get back the hours i spent in fear of what my tax bill would be once the people organizing and filling out all my forms were finished. and, low and behold, it was even worse than what i thought. so, now all the hours spent wondering where the money is going to come from to pay these wonderful bills! i dream of the day when flat tax is implemented and we can get some of our lives back!

  13. Merci, Brut. Your name makes me want to either drink champagne or douse myself with cologne. Although I wouldn’t mind dousing myself with champagne but I’ll pass on drinking the cologne.

    However, if there should ever come the day where I were to waste such good champagne then I without compunction shall ingest the cologne. And if it tastes anything like it smells then I will assume it’d be my Hemlock.

    I shall drink Brut; I will die.

    Choices, choices.

  14. max

    Wow, Stil, you are so poetic tonight.

    Taxes are a total nightmare to me. I am not good with forms or numbers.

  15. You’ve rubbed off on me, Max! I’ve been feeling more creative since I’ve been back!

    I’ve also noticed you cussing a bit more. lol

  16. Rochelle


    Hello and hope all is well with you and those other small mammals of 5150 . . .

    I echo your frustrations with anything tax-related. While I’ve heard that there are a few holes to be found within the standard “flat tax” proposal, I have not been able to find any problems with the so-called “Fair Tax” proposal (

    In a nutshell:

    *The IRS is abolished (as you would so eloquently put it: Yay!)
    *Every American – regardless of income level – would continue to pay taxes but only on those things you buy outside of medicine and groceries. The great thing about the fair tax is that each person has the ability to control how much tax he or she pays. The more things you buy, the more tax you pay. People buying ridiculously large boats or million-dollar houses pay more, while most low-income people pay less (I say “most” because I’ve known plenty of people who claim to be poor, but have multiple satellite t.v. services or more magazine subscriptions that I could never afford. People who climb out of Mercedes’ carrying hundred-dollar purses and expensive cell phones, only to walk into a grocery store and purchase organic milk, candy and steaks with government-provided EBT cards).
    *The fair tax will purportedly net the government much more $ than they currently get and none of us little people will ever again have to deal with any of those irritating forms at the end of the year.
    *Nobody can avoid paying taxes — even drug dealers, smugglers and members of the mob purchase widescreen televisions and ipods.

    Tragically, I fear that people will never vote for it. Either because they are incapable of (or simply unwilling to) understand the math. Even though Americans would bring home 100% of their gross pay, they’ll never conceive that they can afford to buy things with that fat little combined state and federal tax on them.

    Sigh. I guess that means more forms.

    Oh well, just my two cents. Take care, and tell everyone I said “hullo”!


  17. max

    Hey, Roche. Long time no see.

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