formal wear


formal_wearI so love this.

I am trying to make up a million reasons to buy it. I have no good reasons. I have no idea where or how I would ever wear it.

But it is my birthday dammit.


*that is from victoria’s secret


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  1. “But it is my birthday dammit” – that is good enough reason for me.

  2. max

    Oh you are a good friend. I went with street clothes instead. I can wear those out in public.

  3. max

    [On the other hand, I should probably get this stuff while I still can actually pull it off a few more birthdays and probably everything is going to move south and not work out in frisky lingerie.]

  4. I have been under the impression that in SoCal one could wear that sort of clothing in public.

    Am I confused?

  5. Happy birthday, max! And yep, “It is your birthday” is a fine and perfect reason. I have used that one for years. (And my birthday celebration starts at midnight and does not end until the following midnight, until I have wrung every bit of celebrating from the day.)

  6. Happy Birthday Max
    and because it’s your b-day you should buy more then one set and have it delivered via UPS-

  7. Kim

    happy birthday Max.

    don’t go posting things like this, getting my imagination going, and then say you bought STREET CLOTHES!!! i have no reason to live now.

  8. Kym

    It isn’t your birthday yet. I say you still have time.

  9. max

    Oh well hell with it, I must buy the lingerie I owe it to friends comrades and people who visit the site. But, mostly, for you Kym.

    Do not think that gives you a free grope I am so coming after you for Jayne still.

  10. Yes, you must buy the lingerie. At least it’s just VS. I keep getting these emails from Agent Provocateur that are most provoking! I just need more money, that’s all there is to it!

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