forbidden beauty


These images are quite beautiful. They are censored clips from 1920’s films.




*discovered via @sparklhayter & @ebertchicago

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  1. Faig M

    What with the Sharon Stone c-flash in Basic Instinct, the movie industry only has to lift the “explicit sexual intercourse imagery” ban to erase the boundary between the no-c/d and c/d-allowed movies, hasn’t it?

  2. max

    Well no. Filmmakers often have to remove a lot of footage to make it in under ratings lines and the male body is still not showing up much on film at all.

  3. Shelly

    I love the shoe slipping off. How erotic!

  4. max

    Who knew feet were so on the censors’ list?

  5. The shoes and feet under the table. So brilliant.

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