for toni

This is for you Toni, I tracked down some Pilates vids. Here is one and there are more at


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  1. Toni has to share :)

  2. max

    Well it is pretty dull really it is just exercise stuff but it includes placement and breathing.

  3. I started to exercise again…you were all talking about it and I thought ‘why not? ‘.

    The plus side is, I feel more awake during the day and I’m sleeping better at nights.

    So that means I’m writing better…whoo hoo!

  4. ooooh, thank you, max. I am going to go look for more of these — these I can handle. Yay!

  5. max

    It all looks simple and extreme work out people will go pish, that will not work. But, it does. And it graduates up. I used to do all the illegal exdercises, and that is real fun. I cannot do them now, but, I will.

  6. This woman has a very soothing voice, so much it put me to sleep and I couldn’t watch the video.

  7. That’s a good video. I hadn’t discovered videojug.

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