flesh and bone


I am looking at —

A bracelet. It is a lovely bracelet. But it is made of wood and — bone. I am thinking to myself, I wish it were made of plastic. I am not sure I want to wear a creature’s bones on my wrist. I am not sure I want to adorn myself with a dead thing. Then it occurs to me. I am wearing leather shoes. I have a leather jacket. Is there really a difference between wearing dead flesh and wearing dead bone?


where the art work comes from :
that is from mirjan

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  1. No. Yet still, against all logic, the bone would bother me more.

  2. Dan

    Because no matter what you do, a bone still looks bone-like. Leather not so much.

  3. max

    I think some of it is the purpose. Leather shoes and a leather jacket serve utilitarian purposes. A bracelet is adornment. It is one thing to use the flesh of animals to cloth myself. Another to use its bones as ornaments. Maybe I am just skewed.

  4. I have a replica of a human skeleton in my office, I have charms on a couple of bracelets that have bone shapes…would I wear the real thing as an ornament?


    Not unless I was a witch doctor or something.

  5. aj

    Short answer, no.

  6. max

    Well it is not like Jessica Simpson boots where if something were pretty enough I could just tough out a label. This is bones. I cannot wear bones.

  7. aj

    I am not sure which is worse.

  8. I was talking to this friend of mine a long time ago about that stuff. I told her I couldn’t wear a fur coat. This was a chick with a floor length mink. She looked at my shoes and said, “You are wearing a cow on your feet.”

    I agreed and told her it would be wrong to let all that leather go to waste after eating the cow. If minks were edible, I might get one of those coats.

  9. There used to be this graffito under a bridge in Richmond:


    I’m not sure, but i think that’s relevant to this discussion.

  10. max

    Ooh la la, Jonathan Swift rides again.

  11. Only a great mind assembled around a great heart can stop to ask herself questions like these.

    I bow before such knowledge of self and the world.



  12. carlmmiller

    Bone makes for a good bracelet. Buy it.

  13. Kym

    If the bone is Cow bone then therefore you would be helping the use parts of the cow which is good medicine. If the bone if from the rare African white gorilla poached for bones to make the bracelet, I’d say that is bad medicine.

  14. brut

    Just skewed.

  15. max

    I will forgive you that because the French are out to get you.

  16. brut

    They had their chance. But, they’re too late.
    Roma, has captured my heart.

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