fire z missiles


This is hillarious to me.



where i got that youtube :
i nabbed that at kitty’s while she was angsting about workshop mins

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  1. That static YouTube graphic is great isn’t it. Makes you want to click it.

    I’d hang that in my house, I would.

  2. Dan

    Poor kangaroos.

  3. max

    Oh they will be fine it is just a little nuclear snow.

  4. Dan

    Oh, then maybe they’ll develop super-powers.

  5. max

    Yes, any second now there will be hunky kangaroos hopping around in little green outfits shooting bows and arrows.

  6. max

    Hey, that was an homage to Green Arrow. Show some respect.

  7. Dan

    Sorry. It’s just that if anyone is going to be hopping around in a little green outfit…

  8. I just love a happy story.
    I mean.
    It made me happy.
    Don’t know about the rest of the world but…

  9. max

    Sorry Australia.

    [you crack me up]

  10. max

    [Hey also you missed a really good flash you slacker.]

  11. aj

    [I had in-laws staying then a one day break then my dad and his wife for three days. I was underground]

  12. max

    [if you pick a strategic moment to let the dog lick dinner plates clean before returning them to the cabinet guests stay a lot less frequently]

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