On Monday night, my cousin’s teen daughters, Solana and Maya, lost their home.

It burned to the ground.




I am beyond grateful Solana and Maya and their mother Stefanie are okay. But they need, well —


If you have extra clothes — emphasis on teenage girl clothes — you were thinking of tossing [the girls are sizes 2-6] please consider packing them up and sending them to:


Solana & Maya
c/o Marta Schill
PO Box 1118
Sierra Madre Ca 91025



And please consider doing that TODAY. I know it’s the holidays. I know everyone is crazed. But teenage girls need clothes.


Thank you for helping,


Your Teenage Girls Need Clothes Adams Girl


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  1. Done, Max. I’ll hit Le Target this afternoon. Do they need things like cosmetics, little teen gal things?

  2. Max,
    Pretty sure my daughter wears a 7 now and she’s in SoCal for another week. Actually perfect timing. Will call her today and see if she has any of her older/smaller stuff still down there at her dad’s house.

    Hugs to your family and I’m very happy that they made it out safely themselves, despite such a terrible loss.

  3. Max

    Anne thank you so much. I am sure they could use cosmetics or just about any teen girl stuff. Thank you.

    Rachael that is wonderful. Thank you and thank your daughter for me too.

  4. jsm15

    To all who read this there are gift cards you can send over the internet. ICards. All you need is a email address. You can use them at probably 500 different stores.

    I need an email address and I will send one.

    John Maguire

  5. Hi Max,

    A follow up – an old friend, who is quite a generous soul, would like to send them some gift cards; he’d like to email them so they could have access right away. Would you send me an FB message telling me where to have him send them? I tried to message you, but the new timeline format perplexes me. ~ a

  6. Max

    Thanks, guys. Let me speak with their mother and find out what email address she would be most comfortable using for this.

  7. Max

    Okay sorry to take so long to get back on this, there is a Facebook fundraiser page for donations.

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