If you have missed it [I am not sure how you could these fires can be seen from space and Colorado is choking on our smoke] California is burning. But talking about it doesn’t really tell you what we are seeing here I am just going to post the photos they do.

[Also I am in Hollywood so not in harm’s way — unless the fire marches through Glendale and Burbank. It is trying. North Glendale is singed but holding.]










*at the time of this posting the fire has burned 121,000 acres and two firefighters have lost their lives — my thoughts are with the families and friends of the lost firemen and with their fellow firemen still on the line


*wildlife waystation 14831 lil tujunga canyon road sylmar needs help evacuating animals especially flatbed trucks call 818.899.5021

*update, 8 pm sept 1, word is wildlife waystation has enough trucks but still needs crates


:::la times fire map:::
:::mt. wilson observatory webcam:::

*update, sept 2, the observatory webcam is down, fires burned out its internet connections, the observatory is still standing

:::more fire photos:::



where the photos come from :
those are from

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  1. Great coverage…thank you. We moved from SoCal to Tx the end of ’07 right after the wildfires. Evacuated horses out of the canyons for days. Can’t believe it’s happening all over again.

    Appreciate you taking the time to share this!


  2. max

    Thank you for visiting Debi. Moving animals is the hardest thing during a fire, livestock as well as horses and then there are the wild animals like the big cats at Tippi Hedron’s place. Shambala is staying put and just facing off with the fire but even with 65 acres and a lake, being one mile from that fire has got to be scary as hell. Word on Wildlife Waystation now is they have enough trucks but still need crates. Anyone have a tiger crate?

  3. I just heard the cause of the fire is believed to be man made? Is this true? If so, shame, shame on man.

  4. max

    That is the general belief now, but whether it was arson or an accident like a spark from a car or lawn mower or something is still unknown.

  5. forkboy1965

    The hills are definitely not alive with the sound of music…

  6. max

    I worry about out of staters when California shrugs her shoulders — which she does a lot, she is not fond of people. If you grow up here, you know stuff. Like, if there was just a big fire, do not let Fifi the Pomeranian outside alone a whole bunch of pissed off singed scared predatory animals have just left forest life for temporary city accomodations and Fifi the Pomeranian to them looks like food.

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