lincoln_memorialToday is the day.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

I have been waiting for over eight years to see George Bush booted out on his can. Really he should be frog marched out but I will take booted out if that is what is on the menu.


[Wow. Think those skeevy boys will really go without a fight? I keep worrying a crazed secret army will descend on Washington or something.]

[Also go read Obama’s inaugural address Rain posted it and it is pretty awesome.]


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  1. There’s about 2 million or more people expected to be out there today if Bush tries anything.
    I wish I was there.
    But yeah, Max, it’s been a long eight years. I remember the early ones when people were afraid to say anything against Bush. Your forum was (still is) a life saver for people like us who got to speak their mind about things that were clearly wrong but not being reported.
    I thank you for having that.

  2. max

    Aw, you.

    I am still waiting for men in suits to kick in my door by the way [wry smile].

    Say if he leaves office does that mean retire the dogs and cats site?

  3. I don’t know about retiring the dogs and cat site. Bush is leaving office but the damages will be here for years.

    I can’t believe of all places to move he chose Dallas.

  4. max

    Oh no. Poor Pooks.

  5. It seems another lifetime ago that the Squatter in Chief took the White House.

    I cracked open the champagne this morning. Literally. We drank champagne and ate chocolate while we watched the inauguration.

  6. I listened to the inauguration on the radio- it seemed right.

  7. Like many things in our lives, W will be gone, but not forgotten.

    No matter how hard we try…..

  8. max

    What really sucks is for the rest of his lifetime we are going to be spending tax dollars on secret service guys keeping Bush from accidentally setting himself on fire and stuff.

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