fighting giraffes


I am sure there is something really wrong with me I laughed so hard watching this I cried.

[Okay for sure there is something wrong with me.]

Jonny Fights a Giraffe :

[On His Back Porch]




[Jonny never drops his cigarette.]


20 Responses to fighting giraffes

  1. Hm.

    I thought it was funny at the end when he comes back in the door…

    How the hell does he keep that fag in his mouth?

  2. Damn that’s gotta win something!

  3. max

    I started laughing just when the giraffe was sitting there with nothing happening.

  4. He looked like he was having a seizure. That was funny when he busted his ass coming back in.

  5. i am really too easily amused

  6. max

    You and me both.

  7. You know, I really enjoy your site. Congrats on the Wiki entry, too.

  8. Eddie

    That was close, gotta have a rematch. And it’s okay to laugh at it because even though the giraffe was naked and the guy “danced” with it, I’m pretty sure they were both of legal age.

  9. I’m just speechless…I’m laughing…but
    I AM speechless.


  10. max

    My favorite thing about it is, someone filmed it and loaded it onto the net. That is just the best.

  11. And they showed their face…now that took guts.

  12. Sometimes a man has to stand up for what he believes in. And occasionally that belief involves the supression of an inanimate stuffed giraffe. I respect his commitment to bit if nothing else.

  13. max

    I thought you would like that one.

  14. sulya

    It’s the snow. That he keeps getting whiter and whiter as he pummels that creature.

    And the smoke just hanging there.
    And the music.
    And that he bails on the way in…
    The door slowly hinging shut, but not quite…

    Okay. The whole damn thing is fucking hilarious.

    Is it wrong that I want to go beat on a stuffie now?
    This is how violence spreads I think…

  15. max

    Also there is an afghan thrown over the porch rail. The implications of that are tremendous and wonderful.

  16. edging on surreal. very funny when he slips in the doorway.

  17. Jonny

    HI …I’m Jonny ( the GIraffe Fighter )

    Happy you liked my viddie enough to put it on yer blog… I made it to make my wife laugh. We got the giraffe as at our wedding shower from my mother. I played the song in the background cuz I was teaseing her that it was our song and she looked at me like I was crazy. SO I filmed the video on my day off. The next week a local radio station had a contest…I entered it and the video won us 1000$. LOL.
    Love your blog, Im gonna continue reading it.

  18. Haha! Brilliant. Hey Jonny!

    Hey, how DID you keep that fag in your mouth?

    (er, “fag” is Australian slang for cigarette, in case anyone was confused by that…)

    Well done on the cash bonus…

  19. max

    Love your video. I am going to continue watching it too.

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