fighting back from the abyss


Last year I hurt the shoulder.

Shoulder injuries are a total bitch. The last one took nine months to heal.

This one? Ten.

Shoulder injuries hurt too. I mean seriously hurt. And effect EVERYTHING. From sleeping to opening doors to trying to get dressed to trying to get undressed to just moving any body part connected to the upper torso — which is, hello, every body part.


For ten months I got to watch my bod slip into the abyss and there was not a thing I could do about it.


Last month the arm was strong enough I could start doing lower body. Not tough enough to take weight for upper body, but strong enough for lower.

[You cannot do one armed upper body you end up with uneven breasts. Uneven breasts are bad.]


This month I could start doing upper body. I do not have full rotation back. But I have some power back. And I have been killing myself here working out telling myself, It will come back it will come back it will come back….



Five pounds down one inch off the waist.


The bod is coming back!


where the art work comes from :
that is from gregbrophy

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  1. Faig M

    Last year, I hurt a shoulder. It was bad. It hurt. The shoulder never really got over it.

    In the abyss of the night, when I was alone, my shoulder would slip into my bedroom, sit next to me, gaze at me and sigh sadly from time to time.

    ‘Why did you do this to me?’ the shoulder asked. And wept.

    I did not know what to say.

  2. max

    That is lovely and lyrical Faig. Personally I am more absorbed by watching the lines on either side of my stomach rebuild themselves.

  3. forkboy1965

    I don’t know which is sadder… the fact I hurt my left shoulder about 8-months ago and it still gives me trouble or that I “hurt” it while sleeping.

  4. max

    Wow that must have been a hell of a dream.

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